Dilli Darlings 26th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Seema blames Manya of being Selfish

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Dilli Darlings 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ronaq kitty is about to begin in Playboy, everyone is really excited as they have taken someone’s personality as their own and have to spend the day acting as that particular person, the first to arrive are Bhavna who has dressed as Rashmi, along with Seema who is Manya for the day.
Shaloo also comes to the stage and she acts like Pooja, she is acting like it, when Ronaq asks why she choose her Shaloo explains that she feels that they both are alike and so she also had to work a lot to hide her tattoos, then she also had to wear the bangles which impressed Pooja a lot. They then call Seema who acts like Manya, when they ask Manya if she feels Seema did it like her to which Manya says that she acted like her on spot.
They then ask Bhavna to come, she is acting like Rashmi, and they

feel that she is not speaking like Rashmi as she speaks against everyone. They then call everyone to act as the person whose attire they have adopted then when she calls pooja, she is Shaloo and then she also says that she has written something for Pragati, they then ask her to tell them, she is saying the quote when they see that Pragati is coming, Ronaq calls Sona to act and she has chosen Rashmi, Seema feels that she has chosen her because she does not say anything, when Ronaq asks why has she chosen her she says that she did this because she is elegant and her best friend.
Pari has chosen to become Manya, they all realize it when she brings the drinks, Manya feels that she has again become the friend of her after which she has no bad feelings for her, then Manya comes who has dressed as Pari after her performance everyone feels that they have feelings for each other as they chose each other’s attire,
Ronaq introduces the change which he thought for them and the best moments which they had in the show, it starts with Guneet driving her car, they all get excited to see them, they say that they are going to show the best moments which they shared with each other, they show the journey on Jalesh, and how the celebrated Manya anniversary, they also showcase Pooja’s day out with her husband when he took her for the celebration. They also show when Sona said that she was suffering from cancer so they all cried.
Manya gets emotional when she sees their mother’s birthday celebration saying that she wished her mother was alive and seeing the clip made her cry.
Shaloo is also worried that she might start to cry because they showed the video where she patched up with Reena, she feels that she didn’t feel how much she cried until she saw the video, they all want the video to continue as they cannot forget the moments as it depicts their journey along with the new friends they have made along the way.
Ronaq says that he has a surprise for the one who has got the most emotional and it is tissue [paper which he hands to Manya. Ronaq explains that they have listened to a lot of things but what Bhavna said has been a realty proud moment because she has lifted herself up from the ground.

Precap: Seema and Manya get into an argument about how she played the game, Seema blames her for trying to undermine others and try to win the game, they get into a fight and so all the other darlings calm them down.

Update Credit to: Sona

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