Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 20th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Anshuman Saves Rashmi From Humiliation

Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 20th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tanya gives Rashmi bathrobe to change her wet clothes and switching off lights plays ghost sounds. Rashmi runs out in fear and hugs Naani. Naani consoles Rashmi and says she is afraid of darkness since childhood. Kajal also consoles Rashmi. Bua yells why did she come out of bathroom in bathrobe, is in’t she ashamed to come in front of her daughter’s in-laws like this. Anshuman asks what is wrong in it if aunty is afraid of darkness, she is a family member now. Dr. Sharma asks him to take Rashmi up and give her a sari. Anshuman takes Rashmi and Kajal up and consoling her gives sari. Rashmi says its very heavy and costly and she needs something light. Anshuman says if she wears it, he will feel his mother has worn it as it is his mother’s sari. Rashmi agrees and takes sari. Kajal thanks Anshuman for consoling mom. Anshuman says she is also his mom. Kajal says he is acting as typical husband even before marriage. He says he is rehearsing. Rashmi walks out wearing sari. Anshuman says she is looking very pretty and he made a mistake by proposing Kajal. Kajal scolds him. He says aunty is really looking pretty. They walk down. Tanya fumes seeing Rashmi wearing her mother’s sari. Rashmi leaves with family. Tanya scolds Anshuman for giving mom’s sari to other woman. Anshuman warns that Rashmi is his would be saas and their relative, she shouldn’t speak wrong about her. Bua supports him. Dr. Sharma takes Anshuman along. Tanya asks Bua what is she up to. Bua says she is using chanakya neeti and will defeat Rashmi and Kajal in their own game.

Naani shows her wedding dress to Kajal and says she worn it during her wedding and her Naana came on elephant with baraat. She then shows Rashmi’s wedding dress. Rashmi panics seeing that and asks Kajal not to wear it as it is inauspicious. Kajal says Manu Bhargav is insauspicious and culprit instead, its not her mistake. Sunehri with Rajiv walks in says if they have to stay in society, they need to follow its rules. Naani warns her to be specific. Sunehri says she met Panditji who told tomorrow’s muhurath is very inauspicious and whoever gets engaged or married that day will end up breaking their marriage, Rashmi promised to get Kajal engaged that day and wants to carry forward her inauspiciousness to Kajal. Nani warns her to mind her tonuge. Kajal asks why did she go to pandit.

Precap: Kajal waits for Rochak and slips. Anshuman holds her, and their eyes lock.

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