Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 8th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Rocky cries for Harleen’s loss

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Madhu apologizing to Harleen. He says I know Rocky would never love Harleen and still I got them married, I did wrong to ruin Harleen’s life. She feels sorry and cries. Rocky also cries and apologizes to Harleen. He says I couldn’t love you, I m sorry, I scolded you for those things, when you weren’t at fault, I was a bad husband and bad father, I couldn’t give your rights, we felt you aren’t a good mum, none can be better mum than you, you gave your life for your son, I wish I reached there on time and got shot instead you. Honey hugs Rocky and cries. Happy cries.

Happy takes care of Honey. Madhu looks on. Honey stays sad. Happy says Harleen came in my dream, she asked me to tell you where she is. He asks really, tell me. She says she asked me to feed you first. He says fine, feed me and then tell me. She feeds him. Madhu smiles.

Happy says she has become an angel, a real one, she said that Honey shouldn’t stay sad else she will get sad. He says I will never make her sad. She asks him to stay happy. Rocky looks on and goes. Happy comes to him and asks him to have food. He refuses. She asks him will he break his promise to Harleen. He says she loved me and tried to win my love, I always insulted her, I never gave her rights, I couldn’t become a good husband and good dad, you know when I was addicted to drugs, Harleen stood by me and even then I didn’t treat her well, I always blamed her, I wasn’t a good dad, I couldn’t save her, I hate myself.

She says we can’t change the past, we can make the coming future better, use your time and energy to make Honey’s future good, you have to become best father for Honey, he deserves all the happiness and love. Madhu looks on. Happy feeds him food. Madhu goes and thinks of Happy. She says I always blamed her, I lost everything, I have nothing with me because of my hatred.

Its morning, Madhu and Honey say we will do this, it can happen. She asks Honey to go. Honey says I m going to school. Rocky asks without uniform. Madhu comes and asks what happened, didn’t you tell Rocky about school function. They leave.

Honey comes back and cries. Rocky asks what happened. Honey says no, Happy is going forever. Madhu cries. Happy asks what, Rocky is leaving. She goes. Madhu says plan worked. Rocky asks how is she leaving. Honey says she went to hotel to say bye to everyone. Rocky rushes. Honey smiles. Rocky and Happy meet at the hotel.

He asks how can you go, how will Sandhya travel, you won’t go anywhere. She says you are going, how dare you go like this, I m not going, what happened, are you not going. He asks are you not going, who told you. She asks who told you. Honey comes and says I don’t want Happy to go anywhere, I love Khushi angel and dad also loves you, dad got sad after mum left, please fill happiness in his life, mum asked you to take care of us, promise to always stay together, like Sweety and me. Madhu says I understood one thing, your love didn’t get less, its true, even I can’t change it, its fate. Honey unites their hands and says I love you, stay happy together.

Happy says this can’t happen, you have me and you mum, two angels, we will be with you. Rocky says she is right, we can’t unite, now I m your dad and mum. He hugs Honey. Happy goes.

Rocky says she wants to go, let her go, forget Happy. Madhu asks him to listen. Rocky sees a beautiful surprise by Happy. She proposes him for marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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