Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 5th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Rocky awaits Happy

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 5th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happy thinking what did Meenu do to him. She goes to ask Meenu. She hears doctor telling about Honey. She says what happened to Honey, how shall I go there, Rocky can see me. She hides and looks on. Doctor checks Honey and says he got fine, his pulse is normal now. Happy goes and says Meenu got Honey fine, how did she do this and why secretly. Meenu comes and says nurse told me that Honey got fine, I m glad, sorry, you would be thinking where did I go, I went to temple to pray. Happy thinks I have to find out the matter myself.

Rocky gets Happy’s earring. He recalls Happy wishing to buy the same earrings. He gifted those earrings to Happy. He makes her wear the earrings and says you are special for me. Humdum mere….plays…. FB ends. Rocky goes. Happy sees him coming and goes. He says you are around me, you aren’t coming to me, we will be together soon, I don’t know how. Doctor says Honey got fine, but something is troubling, what was the reason for falling ill and recovering, I have seen such case for the first time, its imp to find out, you have to come here for his regular checkup. Harleen says he is my child, I get hurt when he gets hurt. Rocky says if you care for him, how did he fall so ill, we are responsible for his state. He promises that this won’t happen again, they will get Honey for check up.

Happy thinks I can’t leave Honey like this, I have to tell everything to Rocky. Meenu says I would have lost life because of Honey, we got saved, our plan will be known, that kid will get ill, we can’t run after him always. Kabir says this will save us for long. He shows the drugs and says we gave this drugs to Honey, you have to give this to Honey every week, feed it any way, I have a plan to end everyone’s doubts. Honey asks where did Khushi go.

Rocky asks did she come to the hospital. Harleen says yes, she would have gone, Honey isn’t her child. Madhu cries for Honey. Rocky says he is fine now. Honey thanks Rocky. Rocky asks Harleen to follow the diet and medicine file, since she wanted to have a child, value the child now. He gets a call and says I m coming. Madhu asks him to wait for some time. He says there is a problem in the hotel, police is waiting. She asks why. Rocky goes. Madhu says now I will take care of you. Honey says I want to meet Khushi angel, why did she go. Harleen scolds him. Madhu says I also wish to meet Khushi. Rocky says I call you Happy or Khushi, its same thing, my heart knows you were close. He sees her earring. Happy is at her home and sees the earring. He says I will come in front of you. Happy looks for other earring. She says Rocky gifted this to me, how can I lose this. Nurse says wow, new phone. Happy says yes. She gets a call. She says I will message Rocky from my new number, whatever happened with Honey, I hope Honey gets rid of all the problems. Harleen comes to meet Happy and says you spoiled Honey, you did magic on him, he wants to meet you, come with me. Happy refuses.

Harleen says fine, then he won’t eat food and medicines, I will send Rocky here for talk. Happy says he is your child, but a blessing. Harleen says Rocky will come back and scold me, I have no time, come. Happy asks is Rocky not at home. Harleen asks what. Happy says nothing, I will come with you, I will make a phone call at office. She calls Anjali and asks for help. She asks for electrician’s number. Happy comes home and recalls her moments with Rocky. He makes her painting and they hug. Humdum mere….plays…. Harleen sees her and asks her to come. Lights get off. Happy gets a message. Harleen says lights went off, wait.

Harleen asks Honey to get up, Khushi has come. Madhu thanks Happy. Happy hides her face and gets leaving. Rocky and Happy come face to face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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