Dil Se Dil Tak 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Parth finds out that Teni’s memory is back

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Dil Se Dil Tak 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Iqbal asks how Teni knows they were looking for her. She was speechless. Iqbal says it’s alright, she must take rest then get ready for the function. Teni lay in her bed in dark thinking about all that happened with Ipshita today. Someone enters the room. Teni was fearful and sits up at once throwing a cushion, she was about to throw a vase at the suspicious man but it was Iqbal. Teni asks what he is doing here, they must not meet after mehndi. Iqbal makes her sit and had brought ice cream for Teni, he gives spoonful into her mouth. Teni looks towards him. Iqbal assures he will handle everything if something goes wrong, after all she has also hidden his name in her henna. Teni tells him to find his name. Iqbal searches her hands but can’t find his name, he asks if she got his name written? Teni was offensive. Iqbal finally finds the name, he says he thought maybe she got her memory back and didn’t get his name in henna. Teni says if she had her memory back, she would never have married Iqbal. Iqbal got serious while Teni smiles that she was just joking. Iqbal tells her not to joke like this. He says he has everything, but there is nothing if Teni isn’t there in life. Teni thinks his truthfulness doesn’t let her get away from him.
Late at night, Teni feels restless and decides to check if Ipshita is sleeping well or not. Parth had just made Ipshita’s bed. He goes to bring a bottle of water to Ipshita’s room. Teni walks into the room. She sits beside Ipshita and smiles watching her asleep. She says nothing can be better than Ipshita being so close to her, she looks so beautiful sleeping like a princess. She apologizes Ipshita for not being able to live with her here. She learnt from Iqbal to live for others, Iqbal is all alone while Ipshita has a lot of relations to take care of her. She promises to come to meet her often. While she turns to leave, Ipshita places her hand over Teni’s. Teni kisses the place Ipshita just touched. She was about to leave the room when she finds Parth standing at the door. He stops Teni by holding her arm tightly and asks since when she is hiding it, she remember everything. Teni says she just thought about apologizing his daughter because she scolded her badly. Parth asks if she came here to apologize Ipshita in the middle of night so that no one can see her here. Teni says his family would have created an issue of this matter again otherwise. Parth tells her to look into his eyes and say this, he repeats the truth that her memory is back. He is aware she can still not lie looking into his eyes, she still loves him. He questions why is she doing this? Teni replies that Ammi and Iqbal have taken care of her for last six years. Family is not only because of relations, it’s because of the people who take care of you as well. How can she leave Iqbal right now? Parth argues if she has no relation with Ipshita? Teni says she was only a surrogate, and Ipshita has all the relations with her while Iqbal is all alone. Parth questions if she is marrying Iqbal because she loves Iqbal or owes a lot to him? Teni jerks his hands away saying it’s her Nikah with Iqbal tomorrow and she doesn’t want any further argument. Parth allows her to do whatever she wish, he would wait for the day she realize his love for her. Teni requests Parth not to share with anyone that her memory is back, especially Iqbal. No matter he can’t live without her, but he would leave her for her own wish. Parth wish he was also as lucky as Iqbal, because he loves her equally as well. Teni joins her hand requesting Parth to free her. Parth promises to never cross her path.
Teni comes to her room and cries. There, Parth sat in his room crying for Teni.
The next morning, Ammi welcomes Molvi Sahib and goes to help Iqbal get ready. Indu serves Molvi sahib. Ipshita comes to Parth and asks him for idea about stopping Teni’s marriage. Parth says all his ideas have failed, he convinces Ipshita that they must be happy in other’s happiness. Ipshita asks who would think about their happiness. Parth says if they become happy in other’s happiness, their lives would also be filled with happiness. Ipshita was annoyed about such logics and leaves. Parth was upset thinking about his promise with Teni last night.

PRECAP: Ipshita requests Iqbal to gift her Teni. Teni was ready as bride, Parth asks if she would hide from Iqbal all her life that her memory is back. She replies she will. Later, Iqbal asks Teni if she has something to say to him before Nikah?

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Last episode to go, and end will be like kuch kuch hota hai…

  2. I haven’t been watching this serial for a while.
    What happened to shorvori?
    Did she die after recovery?

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Yes, she was shown died, when show took 6 years leap on jan… But how and when, it never disclosed

  3. i ❤ u guys

  4. She die but they didn’t show how or why she die

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