Dil Se Dil Tak 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Teni’s heart melt for Ipshita

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Dil Se Dil Tak 30th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Teni was in the room upset that Ipshita has to suffer a lot because of her. She can’t let anyone know that her memory is back, she can’t hurt a lot of people. She regrets scolding her and thinks she must have hugged her daughter tightly. She decides to take chocolates to her, apologize and hug her.
There in the room, Iqbal asks Ammi why Teni would lie. Ammi wish this is proven wrong, may be Teni’s memory is back but she needs some time to take the right decision. Iqbal says Teni wouldn’t lie. Teni came her to inquire about her child. Ammi wish she hadn’t listen to Khala. She says she doesn’t want any confusion, it must be clear if Teni’s memory is back or not. Iqbal decides to prove it.
Teni watches Ipshita coming upstairs. Iqbal and Ammi was hiding behind a wall. Teni spots them and wonders if they are suspicious of her. Teni signaled Ipshita, Ipshita asks why she called her here. Teni scolds Ipshita for calling her Mummy as per her father’s instructions. She must also clarify to her father that she is marrying and isn’t her mother. She watches Ipshita walk away with a heavy heart. Iqbal tells Ammi to prepare for Nikah. Ammi thinks she has to do a lot of important tasks, and even indulge that Parth’s mother else she might play another trick. Teni cries in her room for hurting her daughter.
Parth tells Indu that Teni’s behavior showed she had confusion. Indu says her behavior was very normal. Parth says he has a feeling Teni’s memory is back, and she is hiding it. Indu says this hope would hurt them, she thought Ipshita would help them but it wasn’t possible. They must accept the truth that neither Teni’s memory nor Teni would return. She goes to help Iqbal’s Ammi. Iqbal comes to Parth’s room angry over him for worrying Teni again. He questions why he broke his promise of reminding Teni about her past again. He grabs Parth’s collar and warns him of his enmity if Parth repeats such an attempt again. Parth says a friend told him to go on and make up her daughter. He apologizes Iqbal for breaking the promise with him. Iqbal tells him to finish this testing, may be its God’s wish. Parth shows Iqbal his engagement ring, it was same as Iqbal’s. Parth says Teni bought same rings for both of them. He says he only wish Teni isn’t confused. Iqbal asks if her memory is back today, even then she would be confused. He says no relations are binding, they must be independent. If even 20 years of marriage she wants to leave and move on, he would let her go. She will be free in her choices. Parth was happy about how much Iqbal loved Teni.
Teni comes to Ipshita’s room. She wasn’t there inside. Teni was emotional watching her child’s room, she decides not to leave without meeting Ipshita. There, Iqbal thinks he must become friends with Ipshita. She is a child and has suffered a lot in life. Teni hears Iqbal’s call from outside the room and hides behind a couch. Ipshita was shocked to see Iqbal. Iqbal forwards a hand of friendship for Ipshita and presents her favorite chocolates to her. Ipshita was upset and says she can’t smile at sad moments. Iqbal says elders have responsibilities, likewise children’s responsibility is to keep smiling. Ipshita says Iqbal has a mother, she had two mothers; one of them left while the other doesn’t recognize her. Iqbal explains there is no logic of being upset, he has no father. Ipshita feels sorry for Iqbal. Iqbal says he earlier used to cry a lot and his Ammi also cried, then he decided to stay happy for those who have remained and cares for him. Ipshita says she understood a little of what he just said. They laugh. Iqbal offers a hand shake. Ipshita says she has to think about it as she is quite choosy in friendships. She then takes Iqbal’s hand. Teni smiles and was flattered with Iqbal. Parth comes there looking for Ipshita and says it seems Iqbal became friends with her too. He was jealous of Iqbal’s quality of winning hearts. If he wants to snatch Ipshita from him as well. Ammi and Indu come looking for Teni. They were worried that Teni is nowhere, what if she has left the house due to pressure. They go out to find Teni. Teni comes out from behind the couch and decides to go to her room. She comes downstairs and deliberately pushes a vase to get attention. She was irritated and says she only wanted to get some fresh hair. Iqbal asks how she know they were looking for her? Teni was speechless now.

PRECAP: Teni sat with Ipshita in her room, apologetic that she can’t live with her. She turns to leave before anyone come inside but Parth had already opened the door.

Update Credit to: Sona

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