Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Iqbal and Parth plan for Teni’s memory recall

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Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com
Iqbal tells Parth that Teni wants to forget her past and he is with her in this matter. He says he will help Parth for one last time, he must promise he would never remind Teni of her past again. Parth goes to call the best of doctor. Ammi comes there with an objection and says they are trying to fool Iqbal. Iqbal says he understands and wish even after her memory recall Teni marries him with her will, he wants to test his fate for once. He requests her to go and stop Teni from leaving. Indu was thankful to Iqbal.
Teni was packing her bag in the room. Ammi comes to unpack it. Teni asks Ammi if she is also with Iqbal and all of them. Ammi says she wants to take Teni to Delhi, but she has to keep Iqbal happy for a while now. She asks Teni if she gets her memory back, if she would leave them. Teni promises she would never leave her and Iqbal, no matter what. She hugs Ammi.
The doctor arrives in Parth’s room to meet Parth and Iqbal. The doctor inquires about the events that led to Teni’s loss of memory. Iqbal was concerned for her safety. Parth tells them about the celebrations on the day of accident, and his argument with Shorvari as well. Iqbal suggests about recreating all such events, but were concerned for her safety. The doctor says it may work, and gives them a powder to give Teni that will put Teni to sleep. Mohini overheard all this, she decides to save Teni from all of their plan.
In the room, Iqbal did the sit stands and apologize Teni. Teni was irritated and asks him to stop this drama. Iqbal suggests about packing their luggage and leave. Teni was now happy. Iqbal offers her a cup of tea to get freshen up, there were three cups and Iqbal had forgotten which one was Teni’s. While he was thoughtful Teni asks if he mixed poison in it. Iqbal was taken aback. Teni laughs at him. Iqbal asks what if he has really mixed something in tea. Teni says she believes Iqbal thinks the best for her and will take even the poison happily. She now serves the tea to all of them. Teni compliments the tea and its fragrance. Iqbal prays that Teni must have had the right cup of tea. After sipping the tea, Teni feels dizzy and get to sleep.
Mohini comes to Ipshita and says her papa wish to make Teni her new mama. Ipshita was sure her tea with Mohini is enough to counter them. Mohini cheers saying she has hundreds of ideas. She shares with Ipshita about a secret, and says Teni has planned to send Ipshita to hostel once she get married to Parth. Ipshita was furious and decides not to let Teni be her mother.
Ammi was not ready to help them in their game. Iqbal says even God wish so, Teni held the cup with the medicine though he had forgotten which one had it. Indu vows to fast on the day. Teni had reached the door and asks what they are planning, she has heard everything. Iqbal goes to explain to her that they were planning a surprise for their Nikah.
While the doctor inspects Teni he assures she is fine and will now sleep for next two hours. Iqbal tells Parth he has two hours. And after she wakes up it will take her half an hour to full recover from the effect of medicine. It will be the right time to erase the whole dust off her mind.

PRECAP: Parth calls the decorator to prepare the house as in photo and gives him a time of two hours. Ipshita and Mohini get his cell phone and cancel all the bookings. There, Parth was waiting for Shamlal to arrive for decorations while the time was running out.

Update Credit to: Sona

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