Dil se dil ka Rishta (C 2) Pt 3

Let’s begin

*Finally i got to know Sanskar jii??oops hero ki broken love story?like bade buzurk kehte hai everything happens for a reason ?*

Ragini was sitting in school…
Then her eyes falls on the board where a person is writing
“Farmer is better then doctor”

Ragini looks at it shocked

Person turns and revealed to be SANSKAR

she smiles dreamily…

A chalk piece hits her..

Then she looks at her angry teacher..who has hit her with chalk who is having lack of concentration

Unse Mili Nazar Ki
Mere Hosh Udh Gaye
Aisa Hua Asar Ki
Mere Hosh Udh Gaye

Ragini was remembering the first meet. That she fell in love with Sanskar madly that it was getting hard for her to behave normal.

Ragini diksha and sami was coming back from the school
Diksha and sami were talking while Ragini was lost in Sanskar’s world ?

Diksha pokes her
Ragini was about to look at her being annoyed but again looks at a direction dreamily

She sees sanskar coming in the bike he was in police uniform

He stops the bike near them and smiles

Diksha hits her through elbow

Ragini sees some other man..

Police: what?

Ragini scared shruggs her shoulder and runs from there along with diksha and sami

Jab Woh Mile Mujhe Paheli Baar
Unse Ho Gayi Aakhen Chaar
Paas Na Baithe Pal Bhar Woh
Phir Bhi Ho Gaya Unse Pyar
Itni Thi Bas Khabar Ki Mere Hosh Udh Gaye

Ragini was moving in the bike and she sees sanskar writing in the field
He then comes out fills the vehicles with potato

She looks at him dreamily.

He felt the gaze he looks at her

She immediately looks other side and starts her bike and goes

Ragini moves to home and sees shekar teasing paper
Ragini annoyed: how much you will read paper go and grow potatoes in the field
She goes in


Unki Taraf Dil Jhukne Laga
Badhke Kadam Phir Rukne Laga
Apne Aap Dum Ghutne Laga
Chaye Woh Iss Kadar
Ki Mere Hosh Ud Gaye

Ragini was solving the maths problem…she wasn’t getting the solution
Someone takes the book from her and does the solution
She looks at the person dreamily

And he is none other than sanskar

He amiles and lightly hits her head

She composes and sees none and the problem is still unsolved…

Thinking about sanakar she dies the problem and she finds solution

Ragini: my hero my sanskar ji my lucky champ ?

Later Ragini and Shekhar were sitting in dining table

Ragini pats shekar .. He looks at her.. she splashes water on his face

And runs..shekar chases her…

Ragini reach door and sees Sanskar with some people.. So she immediately goes near a pillar and hides behind it and admires him

He talks with shekar and goes..

Ghar Mere Aaya Woh Mehemaan
Dil Mein Jagaye Sau Toofan
Dekh Ke Unki Surat Ko
Hay Rah Gayi Mein Hairan
Tadpun Idhar Udhar
Ki Mere Hosh Ud Gaye

Ragini was coming in the bike..

It jerks and stops

She was pushing it…she sees tommy coming there in his bike

She signs him to help her but he smirks and goes…

He returns within a minute..

Ragini looks at him confused..

He left the bike and hides

Ragini was confused and then she sees sanskar coming in that way

She laughs seeing tommy

She sees his bike which had no back seat..

She gets sad remembering tommy’s words

“He removes his back seat when he got betrayed from shiny and shiny was only permitted to sit behind him in the bike..after she left he removed it”

Ragini was playing archery but it was not upto to mark

She comes and sits back with sami

Sami:kya hua?u will get someone else


Diksha comes: listen Ragini…my experience says that we should only grow relation with the guy’s who are interested in us!

Ragini :but…

Diksha:sunn..tu uska peecha karna chod de..woh aise look deta hai jaise humne uske girlfriend ko kidnap kiya ho

Ragini: girlfriend ???

*Even after diksha’s suggestions..i don’t want to leave my hero so i was praying to God to show me some ways for my love story*

Ragini was going with shekar and janki for a wedding

In middle car breaks down

Ragini: can’t you change the car..i knew it this would happen..itnaa paisa hai ek gaadi khareedoge tho kya jayega!

Janki:i agree

Shekhar ??

Shekhar:i will check in 5 mins it will be fine

After sometime

Ragini: is better to walk then go in this car..

She starts to walk

At the time she listens a voice it’s of none other than her hero urf sanskar ji’s voice?

Sanskar has come in goods vehicle

Sanskar:doctor any problem

Shekhar: actually give for john’s daughter wedding..and car broke down

Sanskar:i am going in that way you u can come with me..

Hearing this Ragini immediate goes and sits next to sanskar

Shejan too goes and sits

Shekar: you told you will come by walk

Ragini gives a sheepish smile ?

Sanskar drives

Sanskar:so how much dowry?

Shekar:a car and 6 lacks rupee’s

Sanskar: what doctor… Even you have studied and you people are encouraging this…if someone is stuck in this then the poor people they don’t have enoufh money

While Ragini was just listening to sanskar and was admiring him

Shekar:for them to help social workers and community leaders like you are there


At the time a police stops the vehicle

Police:what are the goods?show the paper’s of vehicle

Sanskar: why?

Police:you are questioning me

Sanskar: who told you to check on the vehicles going here is it S.I George?

Police:you are taking sir’s name

George from far: what happened?

Police:sir he is…

George sees sanskar: arey.. Why do you so the vehicle.. When the is no order of checking..let them go

Poilce was confused

Sanskar drives

Ragini was confused

Shekhar: do you know S.I george?

Sanskar: yes i know

Shekhar:i don’t think so he is a good person

Sanskar casually: i know him so good that when  a strike happened previous time…his bones were fractured and he was in the hospital for 15 days…and i was in jail

Listening him Ragini smiles being impressed

Later Ragini and her parent’s were back from the function

*I was so confused and thinking at that time and thought to see Kaashi tiwari ji’s show*

Ragini goes and on’s the tv

Janki:Ragini go and sleep it’s already late

Ragini suddenly:pappa

Shekhar: ha baccha

Ragini:if i am getting married..how much dowry you will give?

Shekhar: everything mine is your’s..so i will give you everything

Ragini:10 paise also you should not give!

Both shejan looks at her

Ragini: if you want to give dowry then make mumma married

Janki glares her: see see.. What she is talking…

Shekar laughs; it’s ok let her be lke that

Ragini looks at the tv and sees kaashi tiwari’s show

In tv
Lady:Ragini ek bade ghar ki ladki hai woh ek gareeb kisaan se kaise pyaar kar sakti hai

She rubs her eyes

In tv
Kaashi tiwari:yes but love is love..love doesn’t have any boundaries but if Ragini loves sanskar truly then she should confess her feeling to him..before he becomes someone else’s


Ragini rubs her eyes but …

Kaashi tiwari:he should study….

Ragini off’s the tv realising her hallucinations

*Till the date the girl who was sleeping like a buffalo today there was no sleep remembering her hallucinations*

Ragini: if i didn’t confess then really sanskar ji my hero would be someone else’s?

*Next i was all set to search hero’s house but in middle i became manjulika?*

Ragini comes out with helmet

Shekar who was taking in phone: Ragini don’t go..

Ragini: why?

Shekhar: there’s rain coming outside.. And i am saying na don’t go

Ragini ? angrily:if..if i go what will happen?

Shekar???scared:go go

Ragini smile ??:aww..tata

She goes

Ragini was moving in bike

Sees a person

Ragini: brother brother…can you tell me where is sanskar ji’s house?

Guy:go right and you would see a field of rice.. there’s a house

Ragini: thankyou..
She goes

And sees the field and sees a small house inbetween a field.. She smiles

Ragini goes..it was raining heavily

She moves to the field and admired it

Voice: what are you doing here?

Ragini identified the voice and immediately turned towards him

Sanskar angrily: what are you doing here?

Ragini:i..i.came to see rain

Sanskar angrily: go home.. (sarcastically) came to see rain

Ragini immediately was about to go

Sanskar: wait

Ragini looks at him

He removes the hat(farmer’s cap which they when raining made of dried leaves)
He places it on her head: now go..

Ragini immediately runs from there

Ragini goes and fixes the hat in her room wall

Days passes

Ragini looks herself in mirror and smiles.. Then does make up
She was looking like a traditional girl

She then goes to Sanskar’s home.. Where his mom was feeding grass to the cow


Radha looks at her with smile: Dr shekar’s daughter
Ragini nods

They introduces and get into a talk

Ragini goes to her and takes her blessings

And takes grass from her: i will feed you take rest aunty…
Radha: no beta it’s ok…
Ragini: i did na aunty i will do it
Radha smiles and goes

Ragini sees the cow..she forwards the grass being scared..when it takes step forward..
She runs from there being scared


Radha comes and sees Ragini writing something

Ragini sees her and gives the book and forwards it to her

Ragini: this is my poems

Radha sees and smiles seeing her childish poems

Ragini used to come regularly to meet Radha in Sanskar’s absence

Once Ragini amd her friends went to somnath’s store

Diksha was seeing the Cd’s of music and sami asusual was having her chipd

Ragini was seeing books when sanskar comes to store

He asks a book he buys it and goes

Ragini too buys the same book

In church

Father:once i told you that your daughter is naughtiest and don’t bring her..now if i don’t listen to her talks i can’t stay and she is helping like my own kid..

Shekar and janki were astonished

And then in school

Principal:Ragini is not like before. She is turned to be the good student and now Ragini is my favourite student in the whole school

Shekhar was shocked

Ragini was reading in the balcony and she sees sanskar coming to their house.. She looks at herself who has wore shorts and tee

She immediately goes and wears a salwar and them goes down

Shekhar janki and sanskar were talking

Ragini looks at sanskar… She was deliberately walking here and there so that he looks at her..but sadly sanskar doesn’t look at her

Ragini then to book stands:pappa ..here i kept a book where is it?
She was waiting for Sanskar to see her

But he isn’t seeing her only

Shekar:if you kept the then it would be there only

Ragini was pissed with sanskar that he for once too didnt look at her

She then goes from there pissed

Later Ragini was cutting veggies?
While cutting she feels someone back hugging her
It was sanskar..
He nuzzles his nose on her neck

Janki comes and sees Ragini.. Who smiling closing her eyes herself while cutting veggies

Janki pats her

Ragini:chi..i am going

She goes

While coming back from school
Ragini and diksha dances in road and sami dances while eating chips

Diksha and sami kisses Ragini’s cheeks

While Ragini rubs her cheeks annoyed

Later Ragini goes to grace’s house

Ragini:other than kungfu and agriculture what does sanskar like to do?

Grace smiles: tell me truth..u love sanskar right!

Ragini was shocked

Grace:i can understand.. Even i crossed your age

Ragini:haa aunty i love him


Ragini:i seriously love him aunty..

Grace: then go tell him

Ragini; i am scared

Grace:if he falls in love with someone else then

Ragini pouts sadly

Grace: you should tell him your feelings.. Then only be would know right and tell me when will you tell

Ragini: hmm

Grace:tell him this Sunday

Ragini: but that day is oshana(palm sunday) right

Grace: its for us not for him.. That day is his birthday.. He goes to one of a place every year and you should go there

Ragini thinks


Ragini and her parent’s went to church and later after coming back Ragini takes her bike and goes with a shell locket for sanskar

*That day wasthe turning point of my life.its been one week the Hrithik Roshan entered the cinema industry with blockbuster movie kaho na pyaar hai*

Ragini sees sanskar going in bike

She follows him

He parks his bike

And goes

Ragini too follows him

There was a small temple..he goes and prays closing his eyes

Ragini goes and stands next to him and admires him

Then she too folds her hand
Ragini:what to say hmm..om..om shanti oshana..
She lightly hits her head

Sanskar after pressing looks at her: what are you doing here?

Ragini: what are you doing here?

Sanskar: this place has lots of memories of mine and every year i come here

Rag: oh

At the time it starts to rain

Sanskar: come..

They goes in a shade

He was brushing his hair

Ragini was admiring him being lost

He feels her gaze and looks at her

Ragini:i want to tell you…..

Sanskar interrupts: no.. don’t…i know ki tum kya kehna chahti ho…i understood the time when you were following me..tum ek bacchi ho Ragini…and you have to reach height’s you have to make your father proud being a doctor and we have many differences..you belong to a wealthy family and i am a farmer..so it’s better if you stop here…

The locket falls from Ragini’s hands

She was heart broken

Sanskar sees the rain stopped

Sanskar:i will drop you home come..

Ragini:no..i have my bike
Saying she immediately ran from there

To be continued……

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