Dil Se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava 14th January 2013 Written Episode, Dil Se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava 14th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with doctor doing a check up on Raj and informs Ananya’s mother that Raj will get better soon. A’s mother decides to inform Ananya but changes her mind upon thinking that she must be with Viraj now and it’s not safe.

At Viraj’s place, he enters into a room where he addresses to unconscious Ananya, covered fully from the blanket, that how he’s mixed sleeping powder into her coffee along with his emotions of hate he possess for her. He sits besides her and unveils that blanket. He’s shocked to find pillows instead of Ananya. Meanwhile, Ananya locks Viraj inside the room. In the flashback, during their coffee time, Ananya calls on Viraj’s landline from her cell phone slyly, and pours her coffee into a pot. Viraj yells to open the door repeatedly. Ananya decides to find Jhanvi’s body before Viraj frees himself. She goes into the passageway to the room where J’s body is held. On the other hand, Viraj successfully unlocks the door and yells for Ananya. He reaches in the passageway before Ananya could enter into the room. He explains how he had been trying to get close to her from the past week to gain her confidence, but is impressed to see Ananya playing a bigger game than him. She won’t ever get to see J’s body nor justice. He takes out the dragger from the sceptre and puts it over her throat. Ananya bites on his hand and escapes. Before she could unlock the main door, Viraj reaches there and hold her back. She throws vase, books and utensils at him in panic, but he defends himself from her every attack. He put her on the table and is about to kill her with the dragger. Suddenly, somebody hits him on the head and he fell down. It’s Raj. Viraj faints. Ananya hugs Raj and both decide to find J’s body. Raj leads her to the basement room. He opens up the box and saw J’s body wrapped up like a mummy which is stinking badly. Ananya begin crying how Viraj never let Jhanvi live in peace when she was alive but now she will get salvation along with justice.

Viraj slowly wakes up, recalling the incident before he faints. He goes in search for Ananya and comes in the basement, where he sees Jhanvi’s body is missing. He yells like a maniac with frustration. He breaks few of the things in his house and found a pot where the drugged coffee was poured by Ananya. While cussing and yelling for Ananya, he receives a call from her, informing him that all he’s got is 3 hours to find J’s body and heart. He panics and breaks his phone. He gets upset and hopeless that how will he reach to Jhanvi’s body?

Raj asks Ananya why she is playing this game with Viraj, instead of handing over Jhanvi’s body to the police. She says Viraj knows very well to trick police. She desires to make Viraj suffer and make him run in search of Jhanvi’s body so he could feel the same pain he’s been giving J all along. He would get crazy in the anticipation of 3 hour deadline but would remain hopeless.

At Viraj’s place, he’s talking to numerous wall photos of Jhanvi that all he wanted to protect her body and Ananya has separated them. He consoles himself that no one can separate us. “Who says so,” a voice is heard from behind the bed. It is Viraj’s reflection/conscience, wearing specs and hoodie. He informs Viraj that whenever Viraj lies to himself, he enters into his life. He tells Viraj that Jhanvi couldn’t becomes yours cause she was never yours. Viraj refutes this that all this is done by Ananya. 2nd Viraj shuts him up and says if Jhanvi love you, why’d she leave you? Why did she marry Raghav? And now Ananya took Jhanvi away from you under your nose. He hilariously acted like how Viraj is chanting sorry in front of mere frames. Viraj tries to hit him but he disappears. He reiterates the same thing that he’ll bring Jhanvi back and will defeat Ananya. 2nd Viraj appears from behind the bed and says, “You got to find Ananya before you could defeat her”. He suggests Viraj to apologize to Ananya before it’s too late. He disappears once again when Viraj throws a vase at him. Viraj vows to make Ananya suffer.

Precap: Viraj goes to Ananya’s office and holds someone hostage. He demands Ananya to be called here. Ananya on the phone with Viraj says that your end is near so recall all your past sins.

Update Credit to: MahinK

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