Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 5th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 5th July 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 5th July 2013 Written Update

Aru Pallavi

both are sitting Aru checking some updates on internet pallavi ask why Aru says for ehsaas if he ask any question pallavi appriciate Aru
that she really take good care of ehsaas Aru says thtas what you think but i think i couldn’t done best enough for him & Aru miss Madhav & say to pallavi ” i always wished Madhav be ahead of me in bringing up ehsaas i always wanted ehsaas learn Madhav habbits i wanted ehsaas to become just like his father you know father play a vital role in the upbringing of a child & thats is missing in ehsaas life ”
Aru further says that she will be always like a father as well a mother for ehsaas
scene shift to bharti &daddy

bharti & daddy

both are also disscussing respibilities of a single mother daddy suggest we should think for Aru also she is still very young for such responsibilities bharti get the hint & ask ”are you saying second marrige of Aru daddy reply yes bharti share her concerns
”that its true & right but if Aru get married then she will take away ehsaas too & i can’t live with out ehsaas after madhav i’m livlng only for ehsaas”,

basket ball practice

Aru & pallavi doing basketball practice & ehsaas is upset because both don’t know how to play so ehsaas say ” if i get practice like this then i will be out of the team” & about to leave Dr Shekar enter & says ” will you not play with me?”
ehsaas hugs Dr Shekar & become happy Shekar says to ehsaas call me friend & tody i will be with you whole day Aru & pallavi are standing & smiling Aru thanks Shekar
ehsaas & shekar play basketball Aru & Pallavi sit back happily watch & claps

Aru ehsaas

at night ehsaas keep prasing Dr Shekar Aru made her sleep & check his school diary teacher write a note ”every student bring their blood report for emergency purpose”
Aru says tomorrow she will take ehsaas for a blood test & checkup.

Hospital for blood test

next morning Aru takes ehsaas to hospital done blood test ehsaas insit to meet Dr Shekar & Aru takes him to shekar & Dr shekar get worry to know about the blood test & says to himself ” Now Aradhya will know that ehsaas is not her son because of the blood test”
Aru gets a call from guptaji for a urgent meeting so shekar suggest to leave ehsaas there & attend the meeting Aru thanks & go for the meeting shekar ehsaas have fun time they play doctor patient & have lunch together
Aru comes & Dr shekar leave to collect the repot of blood test before Aru gets it but the technician hands over the report to Aru & says ” have you adopted this child his blood group is o- & does not match with his parents blood group means you are not the biological parents of the child ” Aru get shock Dr Shekar comes & scrold the technician & say ” it’s s rare & exceptional case” & say to Aru ”sorry the technician is new & don’t know much”
Aru still confuse & leave with ehsaas

Dr Shekar home

he come to his home talk to his wife picture say ” tody again for humanity i kept quit & a doctor won but a father lost but i don’t know for how long i can hide the truth”

Precap: ” daddy ask ” is ehsaas feeling well?” Aru say he was fine when came from school even in hopital for blood test but then the techniqtion asked ”have we adopted ehsaas bharti shock say ” what adopted but why he sald this ?” Aru says ”because mlne & madhav blood group doesn’t match with ehsaas thats why he asked we adopted ehsaas”.

Update Credit to: Tohru

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