Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 27th February 2013 Written Update

Madhav is impatently calling Rahul but he is not responding so he decides to call his house and check for him. His mother receives the phone. His mother turns out to be the prinicpal of Aradhya(the same lady whom they had photoshoped the photo). Madhav asks if rahul is around and this irritates his mom. She asks why do he need him so urgently to which he reveals about the press conference. Madhav’s mom is angry at him that after charming the audience with his voice and for minting so much of business and also being the CEO of the radio station, he should be courageous enough to attend such conferences. She keeps motivating him and she adds that he shouldnt be over-dependent on rahul for every small things in his life. She says that she knows

he has the ability to handle such conferences and tells him go ahead without hesitation.

Rahul is shown in the gym and he is about to leave from there when he realizes that he didnt have the phone with him till now. He returns to gym in search of the phone when he notices that his phone is with those girls who were drooling over him. He demands his phone back while the girls ask him for a coffee date in exchange of the phone.

Madhav recalls his mother’s encouraging words that he can handle the conference alone and decides to attned it no matter what the result would be. He doenst wait for rahul and informs his assistant that he is going up to the stage and attend the media. He is shocked as madhav had never attempted this b4.
Aaradhya and gang reaches the premises of the radio station and try to enter when the guard stops them. Even after numerous attempts he refuses to grand permission to enter. When aaradhya tells that she is desparate to meet ehsaas and tell him thanks, the gurad tells he is ehsaas and aaradhya laughs at him. She says that Ehsaas is not anyone who looks like him as he would be as charming and sweet unlike him. Aaradhya tries those various methods to get the permission from the guard like she know ehsaas from before and they had spoken via phone
las tnight. However he has no intention to let them in.
Finally aaradhya and gang make a strong plan and steal the badges and passes of a group of reporters by fooling them. In this way they enter the building and reach the area where the press conference is to be held.

Madhav goes out the reporters start to taunt him over his appearance. They assume that he is a mere worker of the station and he gets nervous by the response. However, rahul makes the timely entry and handles the situation. Rahul goes through the notes prepared by madhav on what to answer when the reporters ask him something. Madhav sits beside him to support him throughout the conference. The reporters are highly impressed by rahul’s appreance and they keep repeating on whether he is ehsaas. Rahul somehow manages to be diplomatic about the answer by saying that ehsaas can be anyone;either me or even madhav. We can’t reveal his identity. It seemed that the reporters only wanted to know about ehsaas as they keep rotating questions on him.
Madhav’s house is shown and he we r introduced to his professor father. He is watching tv and his wife asks him to keep the news channel that airs madhav’s interview. He is amazed to hear this and asks how come he is attending interviews to which she taunts him that he isnt showing trust on his own son and this is the reason why madhav is still lacking confidence. They watch the interview and the scene keeps shifting and madhav’s mom sees aaradhya in one of them. She gets furious after seeing her. She is even angry that rahul was with madhav for the conference and it was him who was dealing the media rather than her son. Madhav’s sister pallavi and dadi are introduced to the scene. They too come and sit to watch the interview. However, they see the photoshoped image of madhav’s mom and says that it is better than the real image and laughs. This doesnt go well with her and they stop laughing. Madhav’s mom is the hitler of the house and noone dares to go against her words.

Aaradhya’s house and everyone are having dinner. Aaradhya’s mom and sister are talking about her jewellery business while aradhaya is busy trying to call ehsaas. She even bribes god that if her call get connected then she will not use her phone for the whole day. Looks like god listened to her and her call gets connected. Ehsaas picks the phone and aaradhya is glad yet she shows her anger by telling that she had come to meet him in the radio station to thank him but he didnt meet her or even looked at her.
Well, to her amazement, ehsaas says he did notice her and compliments her beauty. Everyone are listening to the convo and are stunned.
Rahul and Madhav are talking about the conference and how it went well even though ehsaas was not revealed. Madhav tells about his tension that he had when he was searching for him. He jokingly asks rahul where he was while he was madly calling him.

Princi(madhav’s mom) is mad at aaradhya and friends for bunking classes to which aaradhya lies that they were gone to meet ehsaas and convince him to become the chief guest of their coming annual function. Princi is surprised and to test that they r lying or not, tells aaradhya to succeed in bringing him as the chief guest or else she wouldnt be allowed to attend her exams.

Update Credit to: angel

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