Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 24th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 24th May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 24th May 2013 Written Update

Madhav takes a glass with some juice and is about to drink it when he starts sneezing. Aaru says God bless u for each sneeze while Anisha is all worried for Madhav and fusses over him. Aaru tells about the night incident and Anisha tells he needs to take of his health. Dadi is not pleased to see Anisha talking so freely with Madhav and Aaru not objecting to it..
Anisha asks Smriti about their wedding anniversary plans of ghazals show. Aaru asks isn’t ghazal a tad too slow and boring. Smriti says they both love it.
Madhav says he likes it too when Anisha interrupts and sings Madhav’s fav. Madhav then listens to Anisha and they discuss about their favourite songs..
Madhav tells Aaru that they must leave soon. Aaru says they’ll finish breakfast and leave.
Aaru and Anisha are walking back with Dadi when Aaru shares with Anisha about how she also was a fan of Ehsaas. Anisha is about to ask something but Dadi leaves to her room. Anisha asks about Aaru and Madhav’s relation when Madhav comes then and tells that his cold is getting bad. Aaru tells she’ll give Dadi her medicine and then give him medicine.
Aaru gives Dadi medicine and Dadi once again warns Aaru about Anisha but Aaru is still doesn’t bother. Aaru tells Dadi not to stress and goes to give medicine to Madhav.
Aaru is about to give medicine to Madhav when Anisha comes with khada but Madhav refuses. Dadi tells Aaru to give her medicine fast before Anisha gives kada. Aaru laughs and says she thinks kada will be good for Madhav.
Anisha convinces Madhav to have kada which doesn’t please Dadi. Anisha tells that she learnt a new thing about him that he behaves like a kid at times.
Aaru goes to keep medicine and remembers all the moments with Anisha and is thinking. Madhav comes then and calls her to go. She tells him to go ahead and she’ll join him soon.
Rahul is busy in a meeting when Prerna comes and Rahul asks Prerna to wait till the meeting gets over. The meeting goes on for long but they were still not able to get a proper idea. Prerna then suggests a competition for kids and the winner can be given the brand. The meeting gets over after the clients accept the suggestion. Rahul thanks Prerna and asks for the reason of her visit. Prerna says that she wanted to spend some time with him. He apologises and promises they will have dinner together tonight.
Dadi, Aaru and Madhav reach home. Smriti asks what doctor said and Dadi sais as usual to rest. Dadi says but in this city everyone are in a rush. Smriti agrees. Aaru leaves saying she’ll change and come. Anisha is speaking to someone on phone about Ehsaas and says that Aaru is a nice person and says she shouldn’t like Aaru as she is a die-hard fan of Ehsaas.
Aaru who passes hears Anisha speaking about her and listens. Anisha sees her and keeps the phone. Aaru goes inside Anisha’s room and waits silently. Anisha gives a detailed explanation and Aaru laughs and reassures Anisha that she is fine with Anisha liking him so much.
Aaru tells thanks to Anisha for the kada to make the kada and make him drink it. Anisha goes away to make and Aaru is thinking.
Anisha gives Madhav the kada and tells him to take it. Dadi is very irritated and tries to make Aaru and Madhav to go out together. Madhav refuses giving Dadi’s illness. Smriti also intervenes and convinces both of them. Aaru also invites Anisha to join them. Anisha hesitates but when Madhav also insists she agrees to accompany them. Dadi is not happy but Aaru says it only an outing and leaves.
Aaru is getting ready and Madhav is ready. Aaru states that he is already ready he replies he doesn’t take time to get ready. Madhav asks where they should go. Aaru says any place is fine as they are new to this place. She suggests asking Anisha. Aaru then praises Anisha and Madhav also praises her and says it’s nice to see that someone cares for him. Aaru thinks that’s what I want. She thinks she wants someone to take care of Madhav once she leaves.

Precap: All three are in an art gallery. Madhav and Anisha are appreciating the art while Aaru movs away from the two and thinks that their tastes match. She decides she is doing right by bringing the two close.

Update Credit to: Maria

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