Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 10th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 10th May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 10th May 2013 Written Update

Aaru and Madhav come out of their eyelock. Aaru is worried but Madhav finally teaches Aaru how to tie a pagdi.
Aaru gets an idea for the next round and takes him down holding his hands.

They both are awkward on realising their hands together. Aaru explains the round to Madhav and they practice walking with one leg of Aaru tied with Madhav’s one leg. Madhav keeps loosing balance and asks Aaru whether he could hold her hand for balance. Aaru agrees and they both hold hands and practice. They both are enjoying their practice. Dadi sees this and is happy that they both are happy together. She leaves.
After sometime Aaru and Madhav decide to stop practice as Aaru was tired.

It is morning and Aaru is sleeping. Madhav comes and puts the sheet properly on Aaru. He tries to remove hair from her face but stops.
Madhav gets a call from Aaru’s dad who says he is sending Aaru and Madhav’s divorce papers to Madhav’s office. He tells him to sign it and send it back. Madhav looks at Aaru who is sleeping. Madhav says ok and keeps the phone..
Aaru gets and gets worried on knowing that it’s 7. Madhav assures her that they have the whole day to practice. Madhav tells her about Aaru’s father’s call. Aaru doesn’t reply and tells she’ll get ready and they should go to Dadi and ask about the rounds.
Aaru and Madhav are in Dadi’s room. Aaru asks Dadi about the rounds but Dadi says since time has changed they will have to think what they should do. Aaru is worried. Brij enters just then. Dadi and Madhav asks abt the trip. He says it went well and asks abt the prerparation of context. Aaru shares her worry when Dadi assures that they will surely if they do all activities with heart. Bharthi comes and tells food is ready.
All are seated at the dining hall. Dadi tells that they should not forget abt Prerna’s wedding in the midst of prep for the contest. Bharthi says the sari wala will come today. Doorbell rings. Rahul gets up to go but Madhav goes to take take. He takes the papers for him and comes back upset.. Aaru is worried for competition and by mistake drops water on Madhav. Madhav goes to change.
Dadi teases Prerna to learn tying a sari as no husband can help a wife in it. Aaru gets an idea for the round and rushes to the room.
Aaru takes a sari and at same time Madhav comes from the washroom in nothing but a towel and vest. Aaru and Madhav are awkward. Aaru goes out and cribs abt being in embarrassing situations.. Madhav comes to call him. Aaru tells abt sari tying round.
Aaru teaches Madhav to tie a sari. Aaru is watching happily how Madhav is busy in tying sari but looks away when he looks at her.
They both fall on the bed while sari tying and have a long eye lock.. Madhav and Aaru come out of the reverie and are embarrassed. Madhav assures Aaru that he’ll manage sari tying and tells her to think abt the next round. He leaves an embarassed Aaru.

Precap: Bharthi comes into Madhav’s room and finds the divorce papers and is shocked to read Madhav’s name.

Update Credit to: Maria

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