Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 28th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 28th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Ayaan in jail reminiscing Raghu’s lie in court and thinking when kapoor cannot be of his daughter, why will he spare him.

Mallika reminisces Aaru asking her why is Ayaan being punished when he is innocent. Manav hugs from behind and asks why is she looking tensed. She says she is fine. He shows her bangalore property papers bought from kapoor’s company funds and says 50 crores will become 100 crores in 1 year and their future is secure. She asks what if papa knows about his fraud. He says if he does, she should control him. Disha silently hears their conversation.

Suraj and Sudha enter Kapoor house forcefully and request Kapoor to save their son. Kapoor says he will not. Suraj says he served him whole life. Kapoor says he did not serve him for free and he instead made his son lawyer. Suraj says he did not know he can stoop to such a low level and says he cannot call him even human now. Disha interferes and asks how much he will stoop low and says he is losing all his dear ones. If mamma would have been alive, she would have felt ashamed for him. In childhood, she used to feel sad when other children’s grandpa used to visit them, but now she is ashamed to say him as her grandpa. Manav asks her dare not to speak bad about dad. She says he is dad’s loyal, why will he listen bad and asks if he told kapoor that he bought 50 crore property in Bangalore from kapoor’s business funds. Kapoor is surprised. She says him even his younger daughter and son-in-law don’t trust him, then how will he lead rest of his remaining life.

Mallika tells Kapoor that Disha is telling truth and they did invest in property from his money. He should stop his arrogance, else nobody will be with him.

Ayaan’s court hearing starts. Ratnakar requests judge to give him some time to prove Ayaan innocent. Judge says he cannot give him time and asks if he has any proof now. Ratnakar says no. Judge says after hearing both parties, it is proved that Ayaan is guilty in hit and run case and is about to announce punishment when Kapoor enters and stops him. Judge asks if he knows interrupting court hearing is contempt of court. Kapoor says he knows, but he wants to tell truth. Judge asks him to come into witness box. Barkha asks Disha what drama kapoor will play now. Kapoor enters witness box and accepts that he was driving car and not Ayaan. He took blame on himself to save him. Judge asks police to take Kapoor into custody and run a case on him. Kapoor apologizes Ayaan to forgive him if he can.

Ram in new home with Disha and Aaru asks Disha to decorate their home and arrange things to their places. Ayaan enters with painting and asks where to fix it. She starts arguing him and their nok jhok starts. Ram asks them to stop fighting. Aaru brings news papers and says papa’s article is printed in it. Disha asks to show it. Ram says they all will read this article. Ayaan clicks their pic together.

Show ends on a positive note with Ayaan and Ram getting justice and Kapoor going to jail.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. this is so stupid…I think the director is asleep but public is not. They did not discuss Manav’s affair. They got kapoor in jail, Ram is successful but Manav was cheating on his wife…he was never exposed…seriously what a dumb director…

  2. I agree!
    Even they didn’t not showed what happened to Barkha’s husband Amit. What about him? Seriously! I had expected the end to be good.

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