Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 25th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 25th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Disha and Ratnakar thinking of finding evidence and prove Ayaan innocent. They reach accident spot and question nearby raodside tea stall owner and ask if he saw accident a few days ago. He says accident happened in front of his stall. Ratnakar asks if he saw car driver. He says no as it was dark and driver had car glasses on, but a boy saw his face and even tried to break car’s glass. Disha asks if he knows who this boy is. He says yes and boy stays in nearby area.

Barkha tells Ram that Ayaan is a fool to help Kapoor and Kapoor is helt bent on sending him behind bars for many years. She asks him to release his album soon. He asks how can he when Ayaan is in jail. She says he has to as they need money to save ayaan and teach Kapoor a lesson.

Manav tells Kapoor that Ayaan will try to prove himself innocent now. Kapoor asks him to speak to media and get news out. He says he is worried about Disha as she will try to find evidence with Ratnakar’s help and asks him to send him men to keep an eye on them and give info of their each move and if evidence is found to destroy it. Manav nods yes.

Disha enters home. Manav asks if she is so ashamed to stay at Kapoor’s house even after knowing his true face and asks if she wants to live lavish life, she should relax. Disha says she will relax after sending Kapoor behind bars and says he should be careful as helping criminal is also a crime.

Ram with Barkha shows Dadlani Tinu verma’s confession that Kapoor asked him to file false case against him. Dadlani says he cannot believe kapoor can stoop to such a low level to take his revenge and says he will release his album soon. Barkha suggests that they should do it secretly as Kapoor may try to harm their plan again. Dadlani says she is right. Ram asks him some advance to release Ayan from jail. Dadlani says he will instruct accounts dept go give him some advance and says he will help him to fight against kapoor. Ram thanks him.

Disha meets boy who saw accident and shows kapoor’s pic. He identifies kapoor as the one who was driving car. She shows ayaan’s pic and he asks who is he. She says he is being trapped in this case and asks him to help her prove Ayaan innocent. He says he is a poor man and does not want to involve in all this. Ratnakar assures his safety and he agrees to attend court hearing.

Kapoor asks Manav if his men found out Disha and Ratnakar’s plan. He says neither Ratnakar nor Disha came to Ratnakar’s office and they must have met somewhere else. Kapoor asks him to let his men follow Disha.

Suraj enters and thinks Kapoor is tensed regarding Ayaan and asks him not to worry about Ayaan as he meet him yesterday and he was fine. Kapoor starts acting that he brought up Ayaan since childhood and he is like his son. Suraj believes him. Kapoor asks him to go and rest at home as he must be tensed. Suraj agrees and leaves. Mallika says Ayaan must have not told Suraj about kapoor. Kapoor says it is good for him.

Precap: Kapoor asks Manav to send his men to spy on Disha and inform him if she gets any clue.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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