Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Ram and Anu playing cricket with colony people and their children. Anu bats while Ram bats opposite her. She hits 4 runs. He asks her to continue hitting 4s as he will not have to run. She smiles. Neighbour cheer them and a lady neighbour tells Anu had undergone chemotherapy 2 years ago. Man asks if she means Anu had cancer. She says he does not know them well as he is new to this society.

Anu taunts Ram for his bulgin tummy and laziness. They both start fighting. Their children take their side. Neighbor interferes and says Ram made 23 runs and Anu made 22 runs. Son says mamma should hit a 6 and win. Anu starts running and feels uneasiness. Ram’s batting turn comes. He hits bowl and takes 1 run. Anju runs, feels uneasiness, but continues running after her children cheer her up. She then falls in the middle of field. Ram, children and everyone run towards her. Ram takes her in his lap and pours water on her face. She wakes up and shows tumbs up. Man says she should not play under sun when she has cancer. Ram gets irked and asks him to control his tongue.

At home, Ram scolds her for overexerting herself. Anu tries to calm him. Daughter says Anu comes to her internship classes and stays until her classes get over. Son Arav says mamma got blood report and hid it in cupboard. Ram takes out blood report and asks why was she hiding it. Anu sends children out, locks room and says Ram tests are normal. He asks why did she hide, checks report and sees cancer relapsing in impression. He gets tensed and asks how can she hide that her cancer is relapsing. His friend Harish calls on landline and informs about recording in the evening. Ram says he will not attend it.

Ram goes to Anu’s doctor and asks what they should do now. Doc says they should redo the tests. Ram asks what are the chances of cure. Doc says relapse is a serious issue and only god can save Anu.

Anu brings dried clothes from terrace and tries to speak to her daughter. Daughter says she does want to talk to her. Anu tries apologizes her, but she continues acting as angry. Arav says she should tickle didi. Anu runs behind her to tickle and daughter runs. Ram comes and asks daughter to be careful. Daughter asks what did doc says. Anu says doc prescribed gajar halwa and asked us not to worry, sunday is a funday with gajar ka halwa. Ram smiles, but goes and stands in a corner sadly. Daughter asks what did Ram see in report. Anu says anybody would exhaust playing in sun. She then cheers Ram and he starts fighting with her. Children says they act well. Anu goes to prepare halwa and asks daughter to bring mixer from neighbor.

Ram goes to kitchen and hugs her and says she will have to undergo a lot of tests. She says between machines, she will feel that she is going do die, even docs know that, but they try to assure that everything will be alright. She says she wants to die peacefully with family and not choke.

Ram takes out Anu to convince her to get her tests done and treatment started. She says she will not and tries to convince him.

Precap: Anu wishes to meet her dad. Dad is seen shouting at servants. Ram ties Anu to a taxi and says driver that she is mad and to continue driving.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. it a good start.lets c wt head in this show.waise ram looks superb.and ram ka beti rachana looks so cute.thank for update.

  2. It was an awesome episode

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