Few days passed , kunj tried talking to twinkle but she was way to much hurt ,she kept ignoring him and his efforts and this was making him restless , his hopes of getting her back in his life was dying but still one part of his part was not ready to give up !!!!

He knew he has hurted her in the worst way ever , the thing which he did to her was something a wife could never wish her husband to do , he knew he betrayed her in the worst way ever and he knew it will take time to mend her heart , despite of doing that with her in the past , he spoke to her so rudely which once again shattered her already broken heart !!!

It was an usual day , twinkle was out for a meeting and kunj was working in the office , he was tired and decided to have a coffee , he came out of his cabin and bumped into someone , he looked to see who it was and saw o little boy who was revealed to be “ADVIK” ( twinj’s son)!!!

Kunj kneeled down in front of him and spoke –

“” Hey champ !! Who are uh and what are uh doing here !!””

Advik looked at him and said –

“” first tell me who are uh ? I have never seen uh here before , and what are uh doing here !!””

Kunj smiled at him and was surprised by the way he cross questioned him but said –

.”” Myself Kunj , Kunj Sarna and yes i am new here ,just joined few weeks ago for a project !! But i also didn’t see uh here before so will uh tell who uh are ?!!!””

Advik looked at him and said –

“” I am Advik , Advik Taneja , and i am here to meet my mumma and actually i didn’t came here from Last few weeks so that’s why uh didnt saw me before !!!””

Kunj was surprised listening him , Advik Taneja ? Mumma ? He was so curious to know more about him as if he was thinking of something and badly wanted it to be true , he looked at him and said –

“” Mumma ? Who is your mumma ??””

Advik looked at him and said –

“” CEO TWINKLE TANEJA , she is my mumma !! waise where is she ? I can’t see her otherwise she would have come up here !!!””

Kunj was startled , he was so numb to react , he was shocked , he was surprised , his assumption about ADVIK was correct , Advik was his son , his and Twinkle’s son , he badly wanted to hug him , kiss him tell him that he was his father but remembered his promise given to twinkle that without her permission he would never meet there child , he remembered how when he told her about his betrayal to her he got to know the happiest surprise of his life that his wife was expecting , his wife was pregnant but his one betrayal and his confession broke everything , there relation , there love , there trust everything and thats when she asked him this promise and hence he lost his child too !!!!

Kunj was in tears seeing Advik , he was about to hug him when someone from behind spoke –

“” Advik , come here baby , i just talked to mumma and she said she is out for work , chalo we need to go back “”

And the person was Karan , he looked at Advik and then at Kunj and took Advik with him , while kunj sat there in deep thoughts !!!

That’s it for now !!!

I hope many things are cleared !!!

The cause of there separation will be revealed in the next shot !!

Till then take care !!

If any confusion just ask me , will clear it !!!

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      No not exactly , i started writing this story before watching that series but yes i wont lie i had taken few ideas or some of the concept from the series too , but dont worry i wont disappoint you , it will be different , totally different from that series !!!

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