Whenever I see you My Heart Skips a Beat (Part 3)

Hey guys here is the third episode of WHENEVER I SEE YOU MY HEART SKIPS A BEAT .

Recap: Kaira Meet.

Kartik goes towards his class. Naira is left near the auditorium door and her family leaves. 

A group of guys are ragging the juniors. Naira gets caught by them.

Random senior 1: hey ladki come here

Naira sees them and goes towards them 

Random senior 2: What’s your name

Naira: I’m Naira Singhania

Random senior 2: Zor se. I can’t hear

Naira repeats her name in a louder voice

Random senior 1: Ithne zor se Nahi.. did we tell we are deaf..

Naira stands there .. 

Kartik sees this from his class

He rushes there.

Kartik: Abbey don’t you know ragging is criminal offence. Are you going to stop it or shall I complain to Dean

The guys stare him but leave

Naira in a low tone: Thank you for saving me twice

Kartik: Its nothing much. Don’t waste a precious thank you on it. By the way I’m Kartik Goenka the representative of pre and para clinical students.. I mean first and second year students in the student council. You can approach me anytime for any help. 

Naira: I’m Naira Singhania. 

They shake hands and depart to their respective classes

Scene shifts to Goenka house. It’s Adi’s room

Adi is frantically searching for something

Adi: Pankhuri…..Pankhuri yaaar….Pankhuri

Pankhuri enters the room and is shocked to see the condition of the room

Pankhuri: What is happening here..room ko kya haal bana Diya aapne

Adi: I’m searching for my red file

Pankhuri goes to the cupboard and takes the file and gives it to him

Adi: where did you keep it

Pankhuri: Who… me…. it was you who kept it there.. and see now the room is all a mess

She hits her head and starts arranging it.. Adi pulls her towards him. Both slip and fall on the bed.. Pankhuri is above Adi.. He lockes her with his hands.

Pankhuri: Adi chodiye.. it’s getting late

Adi: Arrey my wife deserves my time.. all other appointments are only after her

Pankhuri slaps his hand

Adi: Ouch…

Pankhuri smiles and: Laga..

Adi makes a cute face and tries to kiss her 

Pankhuri senses his loosening grip and gets away 

Adi holds her hand

Pankhuri: Adi chodiye Koyi aajayega

Adi: If they come they will see us romancing and they will leave

Pankhuri: Bilkul bhi Sharma Nahi hai Aako

Adi: Arrey meri biwi ke Sanath me in romance kar raha hood is me kya Sharam

Dev is calling Adi

Pankhuri: Adi jaayiye Dev is calling you. Baki ki romance Shaam me in

Adi: Aagaya meri pyaar ka dushman.

Dev: Adi Bhai… Bhai…

Adi in a louder voice: Arrey Aaraha hoo. Yaar….

Adi goes down. Scene freezes

Scene shifts to Medical college..

It’s the paediatric ward. Nurses are hustling here and there. Crying sound of babies are heard..

Nisha: Arrey Sona… Jaldi… jaldi… duty change ka vakth hogaya.. Jaldi aao or else that Hod will kill us

A girl dressed in a yellow salwar and wearing an apron gets inside the ward after punching her card. She is Sonakshi Bose an intern in this college.

Sona: Aari hoon.

The girls run to the duty doctor room and take their case sheets and go for rounds

Nisha: I wish these two days end soon.. I’ll go to ENT dept

Sona: I like this ward par I have to go to General medicine ward…

They both get busy with kids over there. Scene freezes.

PRECAP: Dev meets Sona. Naira likes Kartik.

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