JEALOUSY – It makes people lose there senses but more determined to never let go of something that belongs to you !!!!

It has both the outcome , it can make your bond strong or will break your bond!!!!

**Jealous kunj is so much fun**wink*wink*??

Few days past in a blink , with kunj trying every possible way to win back her love , her trust and herself in his life but his every attempt failed !!!!

He was so furious because of his failing attempt every now and then but what made him more annoyed was the little detail that he got was about KARAN!!!

Karan , the person who was his wife’s dearest and closest friend , the one on whom she was dependent , the one who use to take care of her , sometime dropping her to the office and sometimes picking her from the office !!!!

This little gestures of karan was making him feel insecure , making him think that she is going away from him, he was getting pissed of seeing her happy with another man and not HER MAN !!!

Though he tried hard to let these feeling not come over him but he was not able to help himself out , he was remembering how once he was the reason of all the happiness she has in her life , how much good time they have spend together in the two years of there married life !!!!


There marriage was an arranged marriage , they were being selected for each other by there parents , before getting married to each other , they used to roam around the city knowing each other doing crazy things together , going on dates and dinner ,teasing each other , flirting with each other and romancing each other !!!

Then they got married , they used to live away from there family as kunj’s business was settled in other city rather than there hometown !!!

Thing were going well between them , with there sweet nok jhok , there care for each other and there never ending romance , kunj smiled remembering all those moments when they were really happy !!!!

It was an usual day , Kunj was sleeping on the bed or rather pretending to sleep whereas twinkle was in the washroom taking shower , she came out of the washroom in a bathrobe , he wet hairs , her fresh face and her million doller smile and there kunj just lost his senses , she was taking out her clothes from the wardrobe when he silently moved near her and back hugged her , she gasped for a moment but them just smiled and leaned back on his chest , he nuzzled his face in her neck and started placing wet kisses making her weak on her knees , he moved to her shoulder doing the same , he then turned her around and captured her lips in his and started kissing her passionately as if there is no tomorrow !!!!

While kissing her , his hand reached to the knot of her bathrobe and he opened it , all the while she was just lost , lost in his magical touch , his hands reached inside her bathrobe and he started his sweet torture , his hands were roaming all over her body making it difficult for her to hold back , he again kissed her this time wildly as if his life depend on the same !!!!

He broke the kiss and saw her face , he was blushing , her face was red as tomato , he kissed her forehead and picked her in his arms and took her to the bed and placed her on the bed , he again kissed her and came on top of her , continuing his sweet torture kissing , biting , and smooching her , he gave her a number of love bites and they engrossed themself in MAKING LOVE !!!!


He smiled remembering all this and became more determined to bring her back in his life anyhow even if it cost everything he has in his life !!!

That’s it !!!!

Hope uh like it !!!

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Love uh ,❤️

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  4. Amazing one.
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    The Jealous Kunj!!
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    It was awesome.
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