Dil Hi Toh Hai 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ritvik and Ananya’s steaming dance performance

Dil Hi Toh Hai 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Everyone has gathered in Noon House for the sangeet ceremony. Ananya and Ritvik pose for the photos. He looks unhappy. Ananya teases him to smile. You look cute. Now everyone will expect us to dance. Say no to everyone as I am not comfortable. They strike a deal for it.

Mr. Puri calls someone and tells him to act very smartly. I will make sure Rohit is caught up with IT people for a little longer.

Mamta and Mrs. Puri ask Ananya and Ritvik to dance too as Rohit and Setu are also dancing. Ananya blames it on Ritvik. A lady asks about Setu. She is the same girl whose Roka was earlier called off with Setu.

Mr. Puri smiles seeing Rohit getting a call. Mrs. Puri tells her husband about what that lady said but he tells her that it isn’t a bad bargain too. Enjoy. She gives up on him and his plans. Rohit tells his father about the IT raid. Mr. Puri offers to go but Rohit goes instead. He tells him to inform Setu. Mr. Puri agrees. Mrs. Puri asks her husband about Rohit. He tells her not to worry. He will be back soon.

Ritvik looks at Manjeet ji. Aman asks him if his matter with Palak is solved. Ritvik replies that there is no relation so there is nothing to sort in reality.

Puri’s and Noon’s welcome Setu and her family. Aman asks Manjeet ji about Palak but Manjeet ji has no idea about Palak’s whereabouts. Ritvik looks at Aman. Aman says I saw how you were looking at Palak’s mom so I thought to ask in your place. Ritvik taunts him to marry in his place too. Do you see where we are and who all is around? Everyone is so happy. Aman asks him if he is happy. Ritvik says my happiness. Palak walks in just then and Ritvik gets distracted. Palak asks Aman if everything is set. He nods and goes to check. Ritvik asks her about the preps. She replies that everything is set. It just took time to get ready. He compliments her. She thanks him and goes.

Setu asks Mrs. Puri about Rohit. Mrs. Puri tells her that he went to attend to the IT guys. Setu asks them if everything is fine. Mr. Puri assures her that he will get him out of any trouble. Don’t worry. Ananya and Reeva pull her aside for a dance. Setu is extremely worried but the girls take it lightly. It is normal for our families to be raided by IT dept.

Mamta addresses everyone. She thanks Ananya for choosing Ritvik and also thanks Ritvik for giving them this much happiness. Jag Ghoomeya starts playing as a slideshow of Ritvik and Mamta’s photos and of their entire family is played in the background. She dances on the song. Ritvik is smiling broadly. He very sweetly dances with his mom. They share a hug. Palak is happy to see them happy together. They both wipe each other’s tears. Everyone claps for them. Rishabh tells his mom he dint know she could dance so well. Ritvik calls it the best surprise. You are the best mom. I wish you are my mom in every birth. Mamta is overwhelmed with their love. She tells them that it was entirely Palak’s idea. I am so glad I did it. Ritvik looks at Palak. She too looks at him.

Vijay teases his wife. You could have asked for some company. Mamta replies that only her son can make her dance. Noon family shares a group hug. Ritvik and Palak keep looking at each other as he walks away from his family. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil plays. Palak walks away sadly. She acts to be looking after the preps when Ritvik walks up to her. I wanted to thank you for what you did for my mom. She calls him Sir. It’s our work after all. We couldn’t spoil your wedding. It would ruin our image otherwise. If we do everything nicely then we will get more contracts in future. This is how it works. He asks her if she did it for their company’s sake. She lies that it’s true. I shouldn’t be wasting time while working or you will complain. She walks away. Ritvik looks on unhappily.

Mr. Puri continues his drama before Setu. Ceremony is on and Rohit is again away. There was a drama last time and this time I cannot force Mahendra ji to sign the papers. Don’t put pressure on me. That girl is going to be my DIL. Setu has heard everything and starts searching around. Mr. Puri smirks.

Palak helps her mother. They hear Mr. Puri talking to his friend to threaten Rohit with IT Raid. I have scared Setu enough that Rohit wont get out of this dilemma easily. I will make sure Mahendra signs the papers. Don’t let Rohit leave from there. Palak and her mother look on. Palak tells her mother that Setu is so worried for Rohit and see how uncle is scaring Setu for that land deal! Manjeet ji thinks of something and tells Palak that she will be back in 15 minutes. I will fix everything. Palak looks tensed. Manjeet ji asks a guy to come with her.

Ritvik looks at Palak but then walks up to Ananya.

Rishabh and Saanchi address everyone. Now we will act as Ritvik and Ananya. Ananya holds Ritvik’s hand. Rishabh tells DJ to play the other song but Ritvik apologizes to him. I thought to play the song which would suit me and Ananya. Rishabh looks upset but Saanchi cheers him up. Ananya and Ritvik dance on Khamoshiyan song. Palak looks away. Ritvik and Palak think of their past moments together. Ananya and Ritvik are dancing really closely. Everyone claps as the song comes to an end.

Preap: Palak tells Ritvik that he and his family have a habit of hurting everyone. This is what you all always do! You guys use and throw people out of your lives! Now you will have an excuse for this also that your mother left you for a rich guy! Big deal man! A lot happens in everyone’s life. Get over it now! Stop categorising everyone equally!

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Did anyone see the latest promo… Rithwik and palak are getting married….. So exited for this episode…. ???

    1. There’s no such promo where did u find it???

  2. Yes its already aired in Sony and uploaded utube also check it…….finally rithwik lealises his love for palak at the end moment of marriage even they will get married but I really feel bad for ananya but it gud warna rithwik realises his feelings towards palak after his marriage with ananya it’s disgusting horrible…..

    1. I could not find….Plz help me out

  3. Precap is gud…palku ne achi khaasi class laga rahi hai Ricky ko……its jaroori for hamari riky baba..

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  5. Someone help me yar.how can I watch full episodes online.why they are not uploading episodes on YouTube.plz help me

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