Dil Hi Toh Hai 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Palak comes to Noons’ house

Dil Hi Toh Hai 20th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Palak and Rithvik romancing in the bathroom. She notices his hand and asks what happened? Rithvik tells that it is cut. Palak says she will get boiled water to clean it, kisses on his nose and goes. She thinks of Rithvik’s struggle in the house and thinks about her job. Her new boss talks to a man and says if she will join. Palak talks to Setu. Setu says it is a good chance for you to get closer to Noons. She says if you go to that office then you can meet VP and clear the differences, asks her not to tell anything to Rithvik. Rithvik talks to Mamta and says he is fine. She says she couldn’t come and meet him because Saanchi got unwell, and promises to meet him tomorrow. Palak hears him. Mamta tells Vijay that she couldn’t meet Rithvik today and will be meeting him

tomorrow. She asks if he wants to ask her this. Vijay hears and goes.

Rithvik irons Palak’s clothes and gives to her. Palak smiles and asks where is my breakfast and my bag? He tells her it is there. He asks if she wants, he can help her change the clothes? She smiles and says she needs to change and asks him to go. Rithvik says middle class mentality. She laughs and asks him to go. She gets Rishabh’s message asking her to meet him at 3 pm. Aman tells Rishabh that he will talk to the executive. Rishabh says he will meet her. Aman goes. Saanchi asks what he thought about Palak? He asks her to make sure and spoil Palak’s first day in office. Mamta scolds her younger daughter and tells Vijay that Shivam didn’t go to school and notice came. VP checks and says it has Bebe’s sign. Bebe confirms. Mamta says Principal called and invited them.

Ananya asks Setu about Palak and Rithvik. She says she came to know what Reva did. Setu says we shall make Reva meet them first. Ananya says you are right then everything will be sorted.

Palak gets Rishabh’s message who asks her to come at 7 pm. She gets Rithvik’s call and informs him that she will be late. Rithvik wonders what kind of people they are? In the office, Palak is keep waiting to meet Rishabh. Receptionist asks her to wait for him. Palak is still waiting. Saanchi comes and asks if she came to meet Rishabh and tells that he is very busy. Palak asks her to give file to Rishabh. Saanchi says she can’t take official file and asks her to come to Noon’s house and give file to him.

Rithvik is at Setu’s house. Rithvik calls her. Palak says she is still at client’s place. Just then the phone battery gets dead. Rithvik says girls don’t charge their phone. Saanchi sees Palak and asks what is she doing here, after whatever she has done with them. She asks her to go outside the house and wait for Rishabh to get free.

Rithvik asks Setu, who are those clients? Setu says she didn’t tell me anything. Rithvik gets worried and asks Rohit to come, says it is 12 now. Palak takes watchman’s phone and calls Rishabh. She reminds him that she came to give him file and says she will come inside. Rishabh says he will come outside. He comes outside. Palak says it is 1 am now and says he kept her waiting. Rishabh talks to her badly and asks watchman not to let her come inside again. Rishabh comes to Vijay and tells him that Palak came to give him file, he asked her to come in the afternoon, but she came at this time and gave him file. He asks him to talk to Palak’s new employer. Vijay says he will and says he is very troubled because of her.

Palak comes to road and calls for auto. Few guys stop and tease her. Palak asks if they have guns. They say no. Palak fights with them and they fall on road. Just them Rithvik, Sethu and Rohit come in the car. Rithvik asks what happened? The guys tell that she has beaten them badly. Palak says they tried to misbehave with her and she beat them. Rithvik asks all? He asks her to remind him about it. Vikrant gets complaint letter from Vijay and reads it aloud. He says Vijay has written that Palak gave him file late and if she works with them then they will not work with them. He then Vijay’s call who tells the same thing. Vikrant says ok.

In the morning, Rithvik asks Palak about the client and says I am not getting good feeling. Palak says I will tell you, just then someone knocks on the door. Palak opens the door and gets the Noon Infotect letter. Rithvik sees the letter and says client is Dad. He asks why didn’t you tell me? Palak says I wanted to tell you, but…Rishabh asks did you meet Dad? Palak nods no and says Rishabh called her and kept her waiting till midnight. Rithvik gets upset and asks why didn’t you tell me. She says you were already stressed. He hugs her and asks her to leave the job. He says they are doing this to humiliate you.

Vijay tells Rithvik that he trust him, but don’t trust his dad. He asks him to leave from his house and says I am ashamed to call you a son. Rithvik asks them to do whatever he wants and breaks his relation with them, says he is done.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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