Dil Hi Toh Hai 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Palak’s plan fails

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Dil Hi Toh Hai 16th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ritwik talks to Mamta saying today was very good. He enjoyed working with Manjeet. Mamta is glad. Ritwik shares with Mamta that him and Palak don’t keep any secrets, but for some reasons, Palak didn’t tell him it’s her boss marriage. Mamta says she will say when she comes back.

Gita shares her doubt on Palak with Vikrant. She hopes marriage happen as planned and she can tell Noons that she is back. She wonders how to invite Noons. Other side, Palak and Setu tell Manjeet that Vikram’s fiance, Tara, has an affair and asks her to tell Gita that she can’t do planning for this marriage.

Palak comes home and says she is too tired. Ritwik gives her water and she feels better. She feels like ordering chinese food. He says he already ordered. They sit to eat.

He tells her about meeting Vikrant and asks why she didn’t tell him about his marriage. She says it left out from her mind. He says he thought she is trying to keep him away from wedding planning. She says she doesn’t think Manjeet is going to plan this marriage because Tara has an affair. He laughs saying why there is always issues in marriages that Manjeet plans. He calls her and they plan to go to Vikrant’s house tomorrow. Palak thinks she will have to stop Ritwik from going there.

Late night, Palak is going somewhere. Ritwik stops her and asks where she is doing that late. She doesn’t know what to say. Setu comes and saves Palak.

Setu and Palak come to Gita’s house with masks. They throw an envelope under the door. Gita rushes to check who was that, but fails. Envelope had Tara and her boyfriend pictures. Palak hopes Gita cancels marriage herself.

Palak tells Manjeet to just talk on phone and tell Gita no for marriage. Ritwik suggests they should meet personally as talking on phone is not professional. Palak says when they can talk on phone and get work done, then why meet. She also tells Manjeet not to tell Gita that it was her who showed her Tara and her boyfriend’s pictures. After Ritwik goes, Gita calls Manjeet and asks her to come to her home. Palak also goes with Manjeet.

When they arrive at Gita’s home, they see Tara and her boyfriend. Gita introduces the guy as Tara’s brother. Palak is shocked. Manjeet is happy as she can work on this marriage now. Other side, Vikrat meets Ritwik and asks him to go with him to give wedding card to everyone. Ritwik tells him about Tara’s affair. Vikrant asks how he figured out. Ritwik recalls Palak telling her mother not to take her name. Ritwik says he just recalled he had seen Tara with some guy before. Vikrant shows the picture of the guy and says that’s her brother.

Precap: Ritwik comes to Noon house to invite them for Vikrant’s marriage. Him and VP have argument regarding Palak. Ritwik tells him everyone is not like Gita. He has accepted it and asks VP to accept it as well.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. My tv programme list shows … dil hi to hai will be telecasted by 12:30 midnight…. let us check

    1. Yes Sony has pushed it there coz of low trp very unprofessional nobody is bothered about viewers only trp dictates

  2. Mean part of this serial is that … all other serials have a repeat telecast .. atleast once or twice in day time but this serial has been denied that rights too… very bad… can’t they telecast it during afternoon or evening hours

  3. @Jo and @Minna, you are absolutely right, and I would add to this that Sony TV is also doing unjustice to this show by constant removing it from the daily schedule due to broadcasting some other show which has reruns almost two or three times a day, and that means that this TV channel is trying to directly affect, simply said, to lower TRP of this show. In the last few days, Dil Hi Toh Hai has been off air three times already, on Thursday, Friday and Tuesday… If Sony has given a chance of 3 months to this show in order to increase its TRP, then why are the competent from this channel themselves trying to cause lower TRP with their awkward and unfair decisions!? Why does only Dil Hi Toh Hai show have to bear consequences of sudden changes in Sony TV’s daily schedule of broadcasting?!

  4. And actually, it can’t be said that the episode of Dil Hi Toh Hai no. 80 wasn’t broadcasted on Tuesday, since it was half an hour after midnight when it was on air, so, please, correct the data of broadcasting. It wasn’t broadcasted on Tuesday, 16th October, but on Wednesday, 17th October, right? Correct me if I was wrong. Actually, I couldn’t find this episode in TV slots of Wednesday either, at least not at half past midnight, at the time announced for its broadcasting. I sincerely hope that Sony will take that into account and at least telecast the rerun of this episode at some time when the majority of its viewers doesn’t go to sleep.

    1. Sorry for the mistake, I have to correct my sentence in the previous comment. The correct sentence is that ‘it can’t be said that Dil Hi Toh Hai’s episode 80 was broadcasted on Tuesday’, since it was broadcasted after midnight, which means, on Wednesday…

  5. Gud show with bad treatment by the channel

  6. I saw this serial last on 15.10.18. Till then no information of d time of its telecast.
    Pls let me know if its telecast time is changed.
    Will it b telecast today?

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