Dil Hi Toh Hai 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ritwik and Palak shift in a rented house

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Palaks Dad informs her that he has handled Manjeet in a way. Dadi also informs Ritwik about VP anger. He is sure that he can convince his dad.

Rishab continues instigating VP against Ritwik and Palak and asks him to stay firm in his decision. Rishabh adds that these all are happening coz of Palak.

Ritwik calls his dad who taunts him for informing about marriage after it happened. Ritwik explains his situation but VP doesn’t listen. VP continues with his rants that Palak is just like his mom. Ritwiks asks him to move on in life leaving the past. VP continues to badmouth Palak and calls her characterless. Ritwik tells him that Palak is his wife now and he won’t take any bad words against Palak from anyone including him. VP is shocked. Ritwik cuts the phone .


tells his friends and Palak that they will stay in a rented place till his family accepts Palak wholeheartedly. He asks Palak whether it’s ok with her. She nods.

New entry, Paras Arora. is reading newspaper and he got the news that Noons son got married against families wishes. He asks his servant to hide the papers from someone. But servant replies that the person already got the news. He has asked some real estate agent to give a house on rent to Ritwik and Palak.

Ritwik and Palak get a new house from the same person. All friends and Dadis are happy about it. Setu says that her grihpravesh should happen. Since there was no rice in the house and Rohit forgot to buy it, Palak enters the house spilling cornflakes instead of rice. Setu and Ananya ask for gift and this time they blackmail if he doesn’t give them gift, then Palak is going to sleep with them in the hall. Ritwik tells them that he is so sure about himself that he is going to sleep with Palak.. even if it is in the hall. He says they can’t blackmail him using these tactics. Ananya now tells him that if he doesn’t give him gift, then she will call Arohi and all his ex gfs. Ritwik is embarrassed and Rohit asks him to give gift soon otherwise his more secrets will be out and Palak will make him sleep only in the bathroom. Ritwik gives them his watch but they don’t take it coz they were just joking about gift. They say they will take gift from him later when his situation improves. Everyone goes inside. Palak says she will go and change. Ritwik tells her she did a heavy dress up even though she was going to get married to Naman.

Palak enters her room and sees that there is no curtains in the room and window also is broken. She shares to Ritwik that she has to change and there is no curtain. Ritwik takes some bedsheet and holds it so it covers her and asks her to change now. She asks him to hold it high and even asks him to close his eyes. Ritwik teases her that he is her husband now and there is no need to feel shame infront of him. He holds the bedsheet high and she changes. She comes out and Ritwik murmurs that that they have to do something about curtains urgently.

Ritwik friends have gifted him many things. Dadi and Tari discuss how Mamta fell ill. Ritwik is shocked to know about it and asks them why they hid it from him. They reply that she is fine now. Ritwik wants to meet his mom and Palak also asks him to go .

Dadi and Tari come back and VP taunts them how was their stay at jail. Dadi replies if he doesn’t want to accept Palak, then it’s his choice, but she will support Ritwik. VP asks Mamta opinion. She says that she won’t reply and asks him will he be able to live without Ritwik? She heads upstairs with Dadi.

Shivam and Shanaya arrive and Reeva roasts them for attending Ritwik marriage / party. Shanaya gets angry and she shows her the pictures and adds that she didn’t inform Reeva coz she knows very well that she likes to spoil things. Reeva tells them that Ritwik is their step brother. Aman comes hearing all that and asks Reeva why she is injecting poison in children’s mind. She asks him to shut up. Aman retorts that he won’t. Reeva says that it’s true that Shivam and Shanaya are real bro sis of Her and Ritwik and Rishab are step bros. She adds that only difference is Ritwik always behaved like a stepbrother but Rishab never did. VP is listening all these nonsense and asks to say Sorry’ Aman asks sorry from Reeva but VP shouts to say sorry to Reeva. Reeva and Aman are shocked. He asks Reeva why is she using all these words and adds that Aman is family member. Reeva is continuing that Ritwik got married to the girl who was the reason for her wedding get cancelled.

Ritwik enters the house and wants to meet his mom. Reeva taunts that he reacted so fast after hearing about his mom. He replies that he was not informed. VP gets angry at this and asks him to stop lying coz Rishab called him infront of himself. Ritwik says that Rishab is telling lie. Reeva makes faces at this remark. He says that even the prenup was wrong and it’s clauses. VP taunts him that now except his wife all are wrong in his eyes. He says that he is brainwashed by her. Ritwik replies that it’s He who is brainwashed by Rishab. He tries to explain about lawyer and all but no use. Ritwik says that he just wants to meet his mom. He says that his mom will understand what is truth and what is not. VP stops him from meeting Mamta coz he doesn’t wish Mamta to know that Ritwik can now blame anyone in the family for the sake of Palak. Rohit asks Ritwik to meet his mom some other day. VP declares that Ritwik can only meet his mom when he leaves Palak. Ritwik is in shock.

Mamta is watching wedding pics with Dadi and kids. They all say how beautiful Palak looked and Dadi also has high opinion of Palak’s nature. Mamta replies that she can’t see anyone other than her own son in those pics.

Next Episode (On MONDAY): When Mamta comes to know of Ritwik coming to the house she wants to meet him. VP stops her from meeting her son. He asks her to choose between her son and husband. Setu tells Palak that Ritwik was not allowed to meet his mom.

Update Credit to: 26hrishikesh

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