Do dil hai ki ek ke roop mein haraaya (Epilogue) last update

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Hai everyone. I am back. This will be my last update on this story. So let’s start.

A leap of three years.

Scene 1:At maheswari mansion

We can see an old couple playing with two kids. It’s dp and ap. They kids are running here and there and they are running after them. The kids are ansh and sara. They got tried of running and sat on sofa. Dp noticed ap i panting and said she has become old. Ap said you also ji. A budhu now. Kids also said haan dadu u have become old. Our dadi is still young and hugged ap. Dp pouted and said no one caring for me. I am alone here.

At that time we hear a little girl’s voice mein hun na dadu. Everyone turned and smiled seeing her. That girl came towards dp and hugged him. Dp said yes my doll you are always there for me. The girl said haan dadu saya loves you. It’s saya swalak’s daughter. Dp told them it’s getting late. Now everyone go and get ready. Don’t forget to remind your parents to get ready too. The kids giggled and went upstairs.

In one room we can see a couple romancing. They are behind the curtain. The guy is kissing her neck. The girl is so nervous and was enjoying it. He made her turn and was about to kiss her but he didn’t. They heared some giggling sound and noticed they are not covered with curtains. They opened their eyes and saw kids laughing at them. They both were embarrassed and the girl hit his shoulder.

She said sanky i told you to not do this but you never listen to me. Sanky said of course my love ragu I won’t stop doing it and kissed her cheeks. It’s ragsan. Kids giggled and told them to get ready. Ragini went out of the room dragging kids. She told saya to go to her parents and left with sara and ansh to their room.

On the other side we can see another couple who has not yet woken up and is sleeping hugging each other. It’s swalak. Swara’s sleep was broken by a baby’s crying sound. It’s their 5 months old son aksh. swara tried to woke up but laksh tightened his grip. Laksh also woken up and kissed swara on lips. She too kissed him. Then they got up from bed.

Swara went to towards the cot and saw saya standing there and making funny faces to make her little brother laughed. Aksh giggled seeing her. Swara came towards them and kissed their forehead. She said good morning my doll and good morning my prince and took him from the cot. He smiled seeing swara. Saya told that they have to hurry and get ready. Swara agreed and turned to go. She noticed laksh has freshened up and handed aksh to him. She took saya to make her bath.

Laksh played with his prince for sometime. Then swara made saya ready and took aksh to make him bath. Later she also got ready. Everyone are ready now. Dp and ap already downstairs waiting for them. Swalak and ragsan came at a time along with their kids. Dp and ap smiled seeing them and kept black dot on everyone. Ragsan and dp and ap went in one car and swalak and kids left in another car. They reached gadodia mansion.

Scene 2:At gadodia mansion

It’s swayam’s engagement. They got down from the car and entered the mansion. They noticed everyone already there. Everyone greeted gadodia’s and vadhera’s. Then hugged each other. Virika have a second child named kushi. Virman have two kids. They are twins named manik and mahir. They are also of saya’s age. Kids hugged shekhar and janki saying nani , nanu we all love you. They smiled seeing their love and gave them many chocolates.

Seeing this aksh cried to say he also wanted to hug the, Shekhar and janki said aww and took him into a hug. Then they went to the mandap. Swayam came and greeted everyone. Boys took him to mandap and teased him saying riya’s name. Riya is his girl frind to whom he is getting engaged now. Girls came with riya and all boys were so mesmerized to see their girls. They all were reminded about their marriage days. The boys winked at girls who blushed more. Then swayam and riya exchanged ring.

Everyone stood together and posed for a family picture. All couples stood at back with swayam and riya on center and dp and ap to their right and shekhar and janki to their left. Swalak were holding aksh in their hand. Ragsan were holding saya as she is their favourite. Virman are holding kushi and virika are holding manik. Mahir is sitting on janki’s lap. Maansi is sitting on shekhar’s lap. Sara is sitting on dp’s lap and ansh is sitting on ap’s lap.

Everyone smiled and posed for a family picture. Everyone wished their viewers bye bye and wished them good luck for their future. They lived happily ever after with our love and blessings.

The end

I hope you all liked it. I will see you all soon in my other story which will be starting after two weeks. As I am busy in special classes I won’t be able to update in week days

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    1. Inu

      thank u so much for ur continuous love and support for my story dear.

  2. Shrilatha

    Inu come back with a ragsan ff plz

    1. Inu

      thank u so much for ur support and love. and yaah soon I will come with an ff

  3. Loved it.

    1. Inu

      thank u so much for ur love and support to my ff.

  4. awesome.hey dear a big sorry for not commenting to your stories these days.i will read both of your ffs in watty and will comment there.keep rocking stay blessed

    1. Inu

      Thank u so much. And no problem with that. Tkcr dear.

  5. Soumya85

    Awesome episode and this ff was amazing…loved it…waiting for ur next ff

    1. Inu

      Thank u so much for ur continuous love and support soumya. I will be updating my new ff soon.

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