Dil and dosti episode 22

Karan entres his room and finds rags about removes jewellary..
Karan:-ragini…stop dont remove it…
Rags:-why they are so heavy….
U wear u will come to knew how hard to bear it..
Karan:-i mean i want reveal your gunghat i i want to see you like that .
Rags looks at him.
Karan:-its ok its just my wish if r uncomfortable then its ok..and abt to leave..
Rags:-karan…and goes towards him and catches his hand and makes him sit on bed and she too goes and sits in middle of bed.
Karan:-wat r u doing ragini.
Rags:-fullfilling your wish and keeps her veil down.
Karan smiles and comes near to her and open her veil and sees her lovingly….
Karan:-as always u will be but today u were looking more beautifull ragini and kisses her forehead and rags closes her eyes and a tear drop falls from her eyes on his hands..
He soon realises wat he is doing and about to stand up but rags stops him.
Rags:-wont u help me to remove my jewellary..
Karan looks on and nodes his head…
They both were removing jewellary rags:- why did u do like that karan u knew how much i missed u i was angry on u …
How u thought that i will share myself to mishket when i used to dream sharing it with u.
Karan looks at her with guilty..
Rags:-i knew u were over possessive about even i loved it but wat ever u said without trusting my love towards u that hurted me alot but when u apolized to me i thought to stay away from u and i want to see can u wait for me or not and u did infact u loved me more and i hate u and catches his collar and says
I hate my self for making u wait for 5 years …
But i love you..
U knewwwww and before she could say anything karan drags her towards him and hugs her so tightly….
Karan:-i am so sorry because of me u i mean we suffered a lot and i too missed u alot…
Infact watever happened its good only…
Rags breaks hug and says ..
Staying aways from me is good for u.
Karan:-no staying away from each other only we loved each other so much right than before…
Rags:-hmm and hugs him back.
He too hugs her…..
Karan:-i am sorry…
Rags:-i am too sorry…
Karan:-why r u saying sorry..
rags:-for making u away from me but not any more and drags him close to her…
Karan smiles and kisses her on her eyes and cheecks ..
He finally drags her close to him and kisses her neck continusly while she catches his shoulder..
He slowly moves from neck to lips by kissing…
Rags brushing his hair and holding his collar tightly while he kissing her starts to remove her
After some time they both sleeps by hugging each other…

Precap:-last episode….
Happy ending

  1. awesome don’t end soon……….

    1. Some stories should be short poonam
      Other wise it wont look good

      Thanks for liking my ff

  2. Last episode omg

  3. Soo swwet its last episodee ohh noo I will miss this ff

  4. as usual awesome

  5. make some romance in last episode plz and i want a big episode

  6. Going to miss this ff a lot but it was superb

  7. Fantastic episode too good,…

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