Dil and dosti episode 20

Avni and mishket holding hands and entrs a shop ..
Rags about to step in but karan drags her and says lets go to that shop ..
Rags:-ohh plzz why should i lisen to u.
Karan:-not for me atleast from them let them enjoy their shopping
Rags sees them and starts walking with him.
Avni and mishket are selecting Lehengas..
Avni is trying and mishket is saying ok to all.
Avni:-wat is this yar u are confusing me ..
Mishket comes close to her and says u were beautifull in all dresses wat can i doo u see..
Avni pushes him and says we r in mall mishket ..
Mishket:-i am unable to control my dear.
Avni blushes and says ok then i will take this red one ..

Avni:-now lets select sherwani…
And drags him to men counter and selects a red mix cream colour sherwani and says u will looks perfect in it go and check…
Mishket tries they both does their shopping and tries to find rags and karan and finds them at coffee shop…
And sees karan catching head and sitting and rags folding hand and Looking in another direction.
Avni:-i hope they did not fight.
Mishket:-no but rags might have showed him hell because its rags shopping and it will be like hell only.
They both go and sits with them.
Mishket:-how is hell dude.
Karan:-dont ask me who will take this much time in selecting one lengha for one day marriage.
Rags:-see if its one day or one minute marriage is marriage and girl will compromise in it and do called sister(avni) explain him that and say him if he doesnt care about so called one day marriage then ask him to wear night dress but i will wear this only…
Karan:-when i said i dont care about our marriage rags i doo care.
Rags,:- well i cant see it u knew.
Karan:-how can i make u to see..

Rags:-its a feeling karan it should be feeled without showing and u wont understand any way i dontvwant to fight with u and spoil their mood …
Mishket:-cool guys lets order some thing……
Karan looks at her and rags for me marrying u is everything plzz dont think i dont care about it …
Rags looks at him in mean time food arrives….
Karan orders all food which was rags favorites…
Rags gets touched but doenst show it to him..
This time mishket slowly sits at back with avni and rags with out saying anything sits front next to karan.
Karan is seeing her rags says u want my permission to start car or wat..
Karan:-i want u too wear seat belt so that i can start car by seeing u safe.
Rags:-i knew how to take care of mine and tries to lock belt but Unable to.
Karan takes belt from her hands and pulls and locks it while locking he touches her waist by which rags jerks but hides her feeling by turning her face.
Karan smiles and starts car…

Few minutes later all sleeps expect karan as he is driving…
They reach first avni home and karan slowly wakes up her and bids bye to her and sees rags sleeping peacefully and cares her head by adjusting it.
Karan reaches mishket house and drops him finally they reach to rags house and he gets down and lifts her and takes her to her room
Her parents sees his caring towards her by room and smiles.
He takes her to her room and places her on bed carefully and brushes her hair back and removes her scandels and covers her with blanket and takes her hand into his and says..
Karan:-i love u ragini i love u more than anything before saying my love to u i hurted u and made everything complicated…
But u still love me thats why u gave a chance infront of your love my love is nothing u still had trust on me some where in your heart and i will take it out and i will fill your heart with my love …
And kisses her forehead and goes from their..

Rags opens eyes and tears falls from her eyes and says…
Rags:-i knew u love me more than anything and u want to sorry for ur behaviour and u were right after so much happened also i was unable to hate u and still i had a trust on you …
I will not make u wait for so long i will make u mine on our wedding night i will say to u how much i missed u and how much my love grown for you…
I love you karan

Recap:-wedding ….

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