Dil Dosti Dance Continued

hey guys its my first ff ……..so plz support

The story continues from next day from where it ended. All the friends except rey,kriya,swayam and Sharon leave the college …….(so I’ll be having new names and characters.)
Kriya is moving through the corridor and suddenly someone pulls her in store room . Its rey . she asks what happens so rey answers just having some fun…kriya says rey not now I m busy I have to give my admission letter to VP sir.rey says OK so I’ll meet u in canteen after half an hour….she says OK.
while on other hand Sharon is taking out something kept in upper shelves with staircase… and suddenly falls down but swayam holds her in his hands and they share an eyelock.suddenly someone is entering there ,she is taani . all are shocked seeing her.tani says swayam how are u.he says I m fine but how are u here…she said I have again joined the college…he says its good………
precap- rey is waiting for kriya in canteen and suddenly he feels someone’s hand on his eyes and asking guess who is it.he answers ofcourse u are kriya…but when turns around find tani there.meanwhile kriya arrives.

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  1. Nyc one.. Loved it. Plz continue and ya let it be kriyansh only. Plzzz.. Happy to see a d3 ff

  2. shifa(shakira)


  3. Taani gt married, ryt?

  4. Nice one . But I want that D3 TEAM will open their own dance academy

  5. Hey… can you please continue this story? You have beautiful writing and I would really like to read more.

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