Dil Dosti Dance 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharon thinks about her and Swayam, while Swayam counts some money and calls Nil to submit them in D3 academy. Nil says that he would do it tomorrow. Swayam tells him to go, and calls Karma. He asks Karma to submit this money into their bank account. Karma takes the money, while Nil resists. Swayam says that he has a gut feeling that he has improvised, and we must trust him. He gets Sharon’s call. Sharon asks is this Ms. Shikawat, I am missing you. Swayam says that I am also missing you, and am surprised to see your other side. Sharon says that the surprises still persists. Nil comes there, and asks who is Swayam talking to? Nil asks didn’t he submit the bill, for what he spoke on phone. Swayam laughs when he goes away.

Ishika comes to Sharon’s room. Sharon appreciates her rehearsals, and says that she will improve further in weekend rehearsals. Ishika says she can’t attend the rehearsals on weekend. Sharon say that there needs to be no reason for losing the competition. She says that she must look at Raghv who works so hard, and you must also show that your priority is just dance-mania. She tells her she can’t sanction his leave.

Huma meets Raghv in front of boy’s locker and asks him to come to café. He stops and says that if she wants to discuss about that day, there are more important things in life than slapping. She says that I forgot that even, are you stuck into it. She takes her to the café, and they talk about Karma’s loss against Swayam.

Ishika calls Vishnu, he says he knows she was thinking about him. He offers her a lunch, but she tells him that she can’t come with him on weekend. He says who is Sharon to interfere, such plans aren’t made everyday, he will speak to Sharon himself. She thinks she can’t let Sharon and Vishnu talk. She tells Huma, while Raghv takes a leave. Huma says that Sharon can’t see anyone happy. Raghv pretends to be happy with the mobile phone. Ishika was worried that Vishnu will fight with Sharon. Raghv was more interested in talking about movie, and interrupted. Huma tells him to relax, when Ishika scolds him that if he can’t help he should keep quiet. Raghv says that he has an idea, she must mix it in his juice taking him to café; this will make him run out of the college. Ishika says that she will make him drink it first, as it might be poisonous.

Swayam is brought to a place by Sharon. He says it’s the same place with that same sweet smell. She brings him down and says she will give him his surprise. He opens the eyes and looks at an appointment diary. She says it is to meet Sharon. She tells him that he must stick to what is written in it. He reads it aloud, and hugs her saying thanks. She says that what if it is old fashioned. She shows him today’s appointment that says ‘Sing a lullaby to Sharon’. He gets Nil’s call and promises to leave.

Ishika orders juices in café. He was angry and says that he needs to talk to Sharon. She says that she isn’t in the office, and asks won’t he chill with her for some time. He asks Vishnu does he like the café? He looks around when she pours the medicine. She makes him drink the juice, he take it in a gulp. He asks her to go for waiting Sharon. She says that she has to go to washroom, and asks him to wait for two minutes.

Nil counts the money, Vicky asks why is he counting the money. He says he needs the money for MBA, Vicky says that he must sell his video-game on OLX.

PRECAP: Simmi says that one lac is missing, Nil says I told Swayam not to give it to Karma, they wonder why he would take them. Huma announces he is a drug-addict. Vishnu meets Raghv and Sharon and tells them they can’t behold Ishika else she is leaving the academy.

Update Credit to: Sona

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