Dil Dosti Dance 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

At night, Swayam bring beer for Rey. Rey says that how will he meet Kriya, if he won’t be able to fulfil her dream. Swayam makes fun that he may wear a black mask. Swayam says that it has become the dream of all of us, so he must share his problems. Swayam says that they must present a musical to the villagers, like they did to NYDU, this way villager’s mood may change. He says he doesn’t think their ideas will work, if he remains uninspired himself. He agrees. Swayam tells him to breath out his stress. They do the breath in-breath out exercise.

Ishika comes to Raghv’s room, his belongings were all scattered. She asks why hasn’t he completed the packing. He says he isn’t used to packing for himself, Dida always does. She helps him, and asks is he sure he wants to come. He tells her to relax, as he is alright. She screams looking at his under-wear. He hides it, and asks her to go.
They all show thankyou to Sharon, for the meal. Sharon announces that Sara will sing for them. Saran brings the guitar and sings looking at Rey.

Sara tells Sharon, that in abroad, everything has commercialized and no one dances with their heart out. Sharon says that their motive behind coming here, is also the same. Swayam comes to tell Sharon that he is sleeping in boy’s room, they must enjoy the gossip. Sara asks how is Rey so cute. Sharon says that credit goes to his parents. She asks that when is she taking her relationship to the next level. Sharon says that one day or the other he will propose her. Sara asks where is fun in their relationship, where is mystery and romance. Sharon says that it is nothing like that, Swayam is just predictable. Swayam hears this all. Sara tells her to revive fun in their relationship.

Chintoo comes to meet Rey. Nil and Bharat stop him, and say that they won’t bring him. Chintoo says he is leaving today, but will go there later.

Huma said to Ishika and Raghv that they hope the seniors like their surprise. Karma comes with the bag. Ishika and Huma say to Raghv that they must now forgive him, as he did when Raghv exchanged his papers. Karma and Huma argue. Ishika sides Huma, and Raghv makes team with Karma. They say Hurray before leaving.

D3 discussed that the villagers aren’t ready to listen to them. Sara comes with the video of the dance of a villager. Rey says that they have a lot of talent, and will see their dance. Chintoo comes there, and tells them that the head is ready to get them out of the village. Swayam says that he himself allowed them, but Chintoo says he won’t make them remain in the village for long.

Rey says that three days later, it is Diwali and there is a fair in the village. They must perform in it. Simmi hopes this plan works. Sara says it definitely will, as it is Rey’s plan.

They distribute the duties. Sara says she will do the music please. Rey says there is no chance for mistakes. Simmi asks who will record the footage, they hope juniors were here. The juniors call Surprise! Huma says they were missing them a lot. Sharon appreciates Ishika, she explains that she had an eye-infection and put on goggles. Rey asks that Diwali holidays started in the college.
Rey asks Raghv and Ishika will work together on footage, Ishika says she won’t work with Raghv and Karma denies working with Huma. Sharon pairs Huma with Ishika and Raghv with Karma.

PRECAP: Sara sings for Rey while he avoids. The head says to a young man, that these city guys seem energetic. The young man says they will take their energy away.

Update Credit to: Sona

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