Dil Dosti Dance 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sara comes to the road stall with Rey. A bad was playing guitar, she dances with them. Rey observes her. He joins her in the dance.
Raghv and Ishika come home. Ishika says her heels have broken. He asks to hold her, she asks will he hold her. He asks is she crazy, he will take her heels. He tells her to watch less movies. He leaves telling her to come by stairs, and hold her heels herself.
Rey and Sara come home. Sara says she will make the coffee, as this is her home. Rey stops her, they both fell on the bed, looking at each other.
Rey wakes up in the morning, with Sara on the bed. They say good morning to each other, they look at each other. Sara shouts, Rey shouts too. He asks what she is doing in her bed, she cries that this is her room. He asks what he is doing here, and heads to recall. Both had no memories, till they fell on bed. Rey says there was something wrong with the paani puri. They both worry, if they both were together on the same bed. They stand up saying shit. Rey runs home, Sara lie on the bed and cries.
Swayam ate interest-less. Bua comes and asks him to take interest in eating; doctor has said that he must take a good diet. He leaves the table. His phone bell rings, Bua says she just had to call them in the morning. Swayam wonders why Sharon would call him, after what she had done yester night. He calls her, Sharon taker the call and asks what it is. Swayam asks what happened as she called, she says he has called. He says she called him earlier, she says she didn’t. She checks the log, and says oh shit. She calls Swayam again, he picks the call and asks what. She says she was calling her friend, and the call got to him mistakenly. He says if she doent have to call, she must put the phone back. She says he has a problem, she must keep it. He says he won’t he can sit with the phone, all day. Bua calls if he has eaten something, Sharon disconnects the call.
Raghv comes to Ishika’s room, he feels dizzy. Ishika calls him inside, to come close to her. He comes inside, Ishika was standing on the side-table with her face on the other side. She fells down.
Rey and Sara both are worried, what they did. They think how to get confirmation about it. They curse themselves for self-control. Sara goes to meditation but can’t concentrate. She is worried, what Rey must be thinking. Rey was also worried to face him. Sara thinks she must talk to him and dials his number. He also thinks about calling her. They both dial each others number, it goes busy. Both are worried if the other is talking about them, to each other. They take it as a sign, not to talk about it to each other.
Raghv holds Ishika, he promises he won’t let her fell down until he is here. She asks him not to be senti. He asks to put her down, Dida watches this and asks Raghv for a book. Raghv goes to get it, Dida comes to Ishika and says she doesn’t like her closeness to Raghv. Don’t think about going behind friendship. Ishika asks if she has done something wrong, that she is angry upon. Dida leaves saying, nothing is like that.
Karma calls Huma, where she is. She says she is just behind him, and tells him to turn. She was frustrated. She asks him to open his eyes, and count till ten. She will be there. He opens the eyes, Huma shouts Karma baby, she is there and comes running to him. They fell down, he asks if she is angry at her. He regrets that he doesn’t have to do this, before the bet completes. Karma says he cared about her clothes. She hugs him. He asks to go to the class, she asks him to hold her hand and insists on him.
Rey and everyone was in the rehearsal hall. Rey asks about Swayam, and asks Sharon. She says curtly, she isn’t his personal secretary. Swayam comes there, and denies sitting with Sharon. Amar comes with Sharon. Sharon asks Rey’s plan. He says they must look for sponsors first. He wants this musical to be sold out, completely. Sara comes there, and says sorry she was stuck in traffic. Rey and she were lost.

PRECAP: Rey and Sara were cozy with each other.

Update Credit to: Sona

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