Dil Dosti Dance 30th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Avantika comes there to give them a proposal. Sharon says that she doesn’t want her proposal. Avantika says that they must combine D3 and St. Luois as St Luois needs good dancers while D3 needs a better place. Sharon resists, that Avantika is still thinking about money making. Avantika tells them to think, Sharon also leaves in a bad mood. Rey tells them he has planned something, he was telling then yesterday.

Ishika hid her face with a cap, Sharon runs after her to show her what happened. She removes the hat, and finds a pimple. She tells her to use Garnier face wash, which prevents pimples. Ishika is happy to have it.

Sharon was in the kitchen, when Swayam comes to appreciate her breakfast cooking. Swayam says that in future, he would make her breakfast as he knows how much she lover morning sleep. She puts his breakfast in his mouth, he says it is much hot as her brain. She runs behind him with knife in hand, they fell on the couch. Swayam caresses her hair. Rey comes there, and teases them that they always get cozy without considering time. She tells him that she is cooking Dosa, he is shocked and teases her. She says that there is a filmy line, that love teaches one everything. They both laugh, she gets up to leave but Rey stops her. She says that girls must know cooking, while Swayam doesn’t understand the meaning. Everyone else arrive, Rey had called them to discuss plan. Rey says that plan is, that they will first do the breakfast. Sharon leaves to get it.

Dida warns Ishika that she will tell Gabbar if she leaves without breakfast. They sit together. Ishika asks has Raghv left, and asks about their father. Dida says that he died in an accident. Dadu comes to join.

Rey says that it isn’t his but Kriya’s plan. He says that Kriya wanted to pursue dance so as to make dance a part of people’s life. She wanted to do something for others making dance as a medium. He tells them that there is a village Golka, who lost a theatre in the village and are thus going away from dance. The theatre there depicted dramas and stories and was a mode of living for the people there.

In the class, Huma misses the seniors specially Swayam and Sharon. Ishika teases her that she would even miss Karma if he leaves the college. The teacher arrive, Ishika throws a chit to Raghv to talk to her which goes to Huma. She thinks it came from Karma, and sends it back. Karma writes her a reply, while Raghv is annoyed when Ishika kicks his chair. All four of them are sent out of the class.

Rey asks them if they all will help him fulfill this dream. Swayam and everyone say that they are with him. They take the oath together.

Huma asks Ishika about Karma. She asks does she miss him. Huma says she wants to teach him a lesson, he threw chit at her. Ishika tells her that it was for Raghv. Huma asks what she wanted to tell Raghv and informs her that he is in the rehearsal hall right now.

Karma comes to D3, Vicky ask him to leave. Swayam also says that they wouldn’t forgive him. Rey sides him, and asks them to listen to him. Karma says he is sorry to break their trust, but he needed the money badly. He asks them to understand his situation for once.

PRECAP: Rey tries Kriya’s number and asks till when she will avoid him. Raghv shouts at Ishika that everything isn’t just fun. He gets a severe head ache.

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