Dil Dosti Dance 2nd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 2nd September 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 2nd September 2013 Written Update

Sharon sat on the couch crying and thinking about all past few moment. She hears her door ring and opens them.Seeing Rey she asks even after so much insult you are back .Rey replies saying you are my best friend Sharon you can tell me whatever you want.I wont mistake it. Sharon shouts assaying all you boys are the same. Hope once you could have asked me before slapping Swayam or before coming between us. After all this you think we are best friends.No You have come to the wrong place. Your focus must be on Adi and promoting yourself. Please go there. Rey asks I’ll go atleast tell me where is Swayam. Sharon shouts saying she does not know He may be wherever he wants and shuts the door.

Rey promises to make this proper and mend it all .Unknowingly everything that has happened

is cause of him and he shall do anything to make it up. The team is speaking about where is Swayam and even Sharon ahd bunked college today. Barath and Amar too tell they don’t know where is Swayam. Rey comes to canteen when Vicky remembers all incidents and moves saying he has work each one in team follows out. Rey says why are they going he is uninvited and he shall move out .He just came to give them invites .Vicky says for his solo launch. Rey says wont they ask him why. Simmi says they need no more explaination. Rey still asks them to come when Barath asks why does he want to make them feel low. Vicky says he clearly knows Adi dislikes them. They add saying now their paths are different and it is better if they don’t cross. They all move out.

Simmi comes back and says congrats for your solo launch from heart and leaves. The team is in garage when they say that its clear that they won’t go in his press conference. Adi is with Mr.Singh discussing t how the media is here this is going to be a great event. Rey is sitting alone in the locker room and thinking. Vicky passes to and fro in his room. Simii and Nilesh are at her home. Amar and Barath are at the garage. Vicky thinks how could Rey not think how would Vicky feel.Nilesha and Simmi discuss the same.

Rinni comes to Vicky and says she is going. She says she wants to see how much down Rey can go or if he wants her as a friend she wants to be there. Simmi and Nilesh too decide to go,The sae goes with Barath and Amar. They all decide to go there in different attires so none recognizes them. Rey thinks Swayam and Sharon wont come but I hope rest come. Amar and Barath are present as Camera men. Simmi and Nilesha as the DJ. A volunteer asks for mike check and Simmi says sound OK. Rinni and Vicky come dressed as Press reporters Rey checks his mobile. Swayam is in alone place (Guess the restaurant they once went during the party by Karan Sir).Swayam and Sharon receive message from Rey which reads “Today is a very important day and you both a far from me. Its first time that you both are not here. My success is incomplete without you both. I wish you both were here. ” Sharon and Swayam both delete the message. Adi comes in and asks for the mike and the attention of everyone present. He thanks all of coming and welcomes the star Reyaansh Singhania. Rey walks into the atrium and searches for his friends.

He walks to the dias praying to God to give him strength to take revenge for what has happened to his friends. To increase their reputation. He walks to the stage and notices that Simmi and Nilesha present.He sees futher and finds Barath and Amar and also notices Simmi and Vicky too. He thanks God for not leaving him alone today and thinks now see what I do. Adi wishes him luck and asks for spotlight. Nilesh says he hates the spotlight. Vicky feels he called them to see this and Barath tells the same. Rey thinks its time now.

Precap:Rey addressing the gathering saying If Adi was not here he would not have been when Vicky and Nilesh both are about to move unable to here futher.Rey says he is not a part of Reyzors but a small group called D3. Vicky and Nilesh stop hearing this.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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