Dil Dosti Dance 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 28th April 2014 Written Update

VP sir asks Kriya what money he had taken and what is it she was talking to him about? Kriya and Rey explain that Kriya was talking about her ticket’s return money, and she was not leaving foe New York due to some personal work. They ask how he came early. He tells them he got a call about fire in the college but now believe that it was a prank call. After he leaves, Kriya was worried. Rey tells her to calm down. She leaves too. Rey gets a call. The person introduces himself as a manger of a music company, and he asks him perform for a music show. Rey says he has a condition.

They arrange money for the event by taking loan on interest.
They were all in the dancing room, worried about the budget. Sharon suggests she should take money from her father but everybody denies. Swayam also says that they cannot use her father’s money for their dance show. Rey comes and announces that their monetary issues can get resolved. He tells them about the call but says he put the condition that whole of their group will participate. He gets another call, they confirm their participation. They were happy but Rey announces they will pay the money in three days and the fourth day is their event. They need money before that. Nil suggests they can take loan from somebody’s parents for three days but Rey says they won’t take money from parents. Bharat says they can take money from an uncle who gives loans to people. He calls him, Rey also speaks to him; he agrees. They all celebrate.

Rey and Bharat go to a godown like place. Rey was suspicious about the place but bharat was at ease. The uncle meets them well but gets a call and deters the caller for not returning money in time. Rey explains to Bharat that he was a don, and they want money from such a person. They were about to leave when uncle stops them. They tell them they don’t want the money anymore, but uncle says they will have to return the interest any way or stay here. They finally take the money.

Sharon is afraid of Ruhi
Swayam and Sharon were sitting in a restaurant. Sharon is worried that Rey and Kriya shared all the tension about guests. Swayam tells her he feels so good being with her. She asks how he can be so romantic in stressful conditions as well. He tells her that when he sees her, he forget about everything. Sharon sees someone watching her from the window. She says Ruhi and runs outside. There was no one. Swayam tells her to relax and get rid of her fear as Ruhi is in mental hospital. He promises that he will take her to meet Ruhi tonight after dinner.

They go to mental hospital. Sharon was afraid to see Ruhi but Swayam tells her to face her fears if she wants to get rid of them. They look at Ruhi playing with toy on her bed through the door panels. Sharon turns around and says God gave her very big punishment of what she did. Swayam holds her hand and tells her to leave. She hugs him.

In the morning, they were doing dance practice in college. Rey comes. They all ask him where he had been. He tells the he got the money and also tells them about the uncle and the interest. Everybody goes to blame Bharat but Rey saves him. Swayam finally says that they will return the money in three days; he asks Rey if there was a theme about the event. He says there is no restriction about the theme or dress code but they want him to lead the dance. Vicky tells him not to worry; they will make him dance on the floor all night. He is relieved. He gives Swayam the money which he distributes according to everybody’s duties. Simmi urges them to go to class, as they can’t bunk any class due to strict orders of VP.

They were going in the corridor. Sharon drags Swayam into a classroom and tells him she cannot get don’t with the wardrobe by tonight and asks for help. He says he will tell Nil and Simmi to help her. She says they are busy with Vicky. He suggests Amar and Bharat and goes to call them. She says Go to Hell and turns to leave. He holds her hand bringing her to wall. They look at each other.

PRECAP: Kriya practicing dance on ‘Kamli’ song. Rey also dances with her.

Update Credit to: Niki

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