Dil Dosti Dance 25th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 25th September 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 25th September 2013 Written Update

Student from other college start arguing with Sharon and Swayam.Swayam tries to control Sharon saying their team is performing three acts.They start misbehaving with Sharon .Swayam gets angry and scolds them .He says if they dont know how to behave with girls they can leave the event.He asks them to leave their address behind so that he can organizing classes for them on how to behave with girls.Swayam leaves the place.Sharon wonders if anything is still left between them.He is angry with her still he cant listen to anything against her.Its so confusing.

Vicky and Bharath are preparing for Vicky’s speech.Bharath switches on the walkie talkie and gang makes fun of Vicky’s funny speech.Vicky starts beating Bharat as he is nervous about his speech.Nilesh says even he

was nervous last year before his speech.Simi agrees to him.They think everything is same except dance.They feel emotional about absence of danec in their lives.Nilesh tries to make the situation light and says no dance means no rehearsals so no tension of forgetting steps.

They start talking about arrangements.Suddenly Vicky asks what happened to the opening act.Rey answers ,everything is arranged.He tells them the opening act is a surprise.Sharon says entries have started .She asks Swayam to report at the main entrance.

Sharon looks at Swayam who is taking care of other college students .Amar,Bharat and Nilesh start checking girls and discuss about who is looking good.Bharat says the girl is yellow and blue is mine.Nilesh says Govinda kind of dressing sense will suit Bharat.Amar says lets search a girl for Swayam,Bharat tells him there is already a girl for Swayam ,Aashi.They say Swayam should leave Sharon’s dreams and consider Aashi.Sharon insults Swayam so much nobody will tolerate so much.Sharon is listening to their conversation.Sharon gets hurt hearing this and leaves from there.

Sharon goes to an empty room and recalls the boys conversation.She tries to focus as she needs to handle the event.She is upset and crying when Swayam connects with her.He says student are here so they should start the event.Sharon agrees to him.He senses that she is upset and asks if she if fine.She answers him rudely that why he is concerned about her.He says now she sounds fine.When she talks softly ,he feels something is wrong.

She connects to whole team and says number of students in the festival is good.They should be among the crowd to control them.Sharon and team asks about opening act.Rey answers them that its a surprise.

Swayam and Sharon enter the crowd and notice each other from distance.Rey welcomes all the guests and VP to the fest.VP welcomes the students and tells the students to start the event.The theme of event is Bollywood.

Vicky takes over the event and crowd welcome him with enthusiasm. He gives introduction in filmy style and announces opening act.

Light goes off.Rey takes over saying this fest is organized by students for students.So the opening act will be by people who are standing among the crowd.Swayam thinks what is the meaning of act by the crowd.Rey says spot lights will fall on two people and they have to dance .There is no option to back out.

Rey gives hint to the light man and spot lights fall on Swayam and Sharon.Swayam and Sharon are shocked to see the spot light on them.Rey announces their name to dance for them.Crwod cheers their names.Gang thinks there will be more fight between Swayam and Sharon.Rey prays to Ganpati if Swayam and Sharon’s love is true,please unite them

Precap:Swayam and Sharon dancing on Dil sambhal ja zara.

Update Credit to: deep_tanha

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