Dil Dosti Dance 22nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 22nd January 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 22nd January 2014 Written Update

In the game of truth and dare Sharon chooses truth.Aashi asks her if there is anything between her and Swayam.She avoids the situation and says there is nothing between them.Kriya supports her saying anything between Swayam-Sharon it would have been talk of the town.Aashi says she asked wrong question and she asks Sharon what is her best moment.Sharon recalls all the romantic and sweet moments with Swayam during NDC winning moment.Even Simi supports her.

Swayam and Rey open the door with much planning and find other boys in funny costumes.They are surprised to see other boys.Boys tell them,they are here to attend party.They tell Rey-Swayam that girls have special plsns for Kriya so even they want to have fun.Rey says they can only create disturbance.Boys tell him,they want

to make the night special and magical for Kriya.Swayam says its bad idea.Vicky says they did wrong and all scolded them.Now they want to do something good,all are against them.Rey says its bad idea to spoil girls party.Swayam says if they are not invited they should not break in.Boys start laughing.They ask gang if they have done some mischief. Vicky says girl will need their help soon.

In girls party,Kriya gets next task.She goes for truth as she is not in state of doing anything else.Simi asks her ,what is her most passionate moment.Kriya closes her eyes and recalls various moments spent with Rey.She describes rain dance moments between them to girls.How they were very close and she felt very close to Rey.She says that was her most passionate moment when she could feel his heart beats.Sharon and other girls seem to be lost in her story.They ask Kriya who was the guy.They ask her the guy must be from New-york as Indian guys are not passionate.

Boys tell Swayam-Rey that girls will start screaming in sometime and girls actually start shouting due to cockroach.Gang go inside to protect girls from cockroach .Swayam and Rey think boys will get scoldings from girls so they also follow them.Boys go inside and start searching for cockroach and girls start beating them.Girls tell them that they are not weak to be scared of a small cockroach .Swayam and Rey laugh at boys getting beaten by girls.Girls say that their party was incomplete and nobody was there to serve drinks.They start scaring boys with cockroach.Boys get punishment of doing sit ups.They say sorry for spoiling party .They confess that they wanted to do something special for party.Girls tell them to get out as its girls party and they cant include guys.Sharon says sorry to boys but dont allow them to be in the party.Swayam and Rey start leaving the room but Kriya says even boys are her friends and its her farewell party.She asks girls if they can join in.Boys start cheering for Kriya .Sharon says if chief guest is ok than its fine.Guys join in.

They start playing truth and dare again.Boys say they will play something new.The person who is in front of bottle will say a good and a bad thing for the person sitting opposite him/her.Bottle points towards Kriya.Gang tease them saying now they will get to know how well Rey treated Kriya and took care of her.Kriya says she cant think anything good about Rey with a smile.She says he is a very good friend.She can give friendship award to Rey.She says she is not sure about the bad thing.She says he is very emotional and he tends to ignore the other persons feelings when he is emotional.Kriya-Rey share an eye lock.Swayam ,Sharon and entire gang looks at them surprisingly.

They continue the game and Swayam is the next victim.Swayam tries to avoid the question and Sharon looks upset.He says the good thing about Sharon is that she is very determined to achieve her goal.But the bad thing is she can take any way to reach the destination.Sharon looks shocked and hurt with this comment.He says everything is fair in her dictionary.He tries to cover up saying its a good thing.In this era its good to be like Sharon.He changes the topic.Boys take a break .Kriya tells Swayam that she wants to talk to him.She asks him if everything is normal between him and Sharon as it looks from outside.He says everything is normal.Kriya says she is very happy that things are normal.Sharon says she will get something to eat.Swayam follows her .She gets snacks for gang.Swayam tells her he wants to talk to her.He didnt mean to upset her.He says sorry for whatever he said.She says she is not hurt.She asks if that is all he wanted to say.He says Kriya asked him about them and he said things are normal between them.She is shcoked to hear that.He explains saying,he didnt want to upset Kriya .Anyways she is leaving in two days.She responds him saying,when she said something lie to do something good,he treats her like criminal.But he is a hero when he does the same thing.She says,even she can say the same thing for him.That he can do anything to fulfill his wish .Swayam says sorry to her.He says its ok if she dont want to do this.She says nothing is wrong to make your friends smile.Even if its wrong,he is nobody to judge it.She leaves the place and Swayam starts thinking about her words.Swayam and Sharon go to living room with the snacks.Rey notices that Sharon is upset.Rey asks Kriya that what is Kriya’s wish which she wants to do.She says she wants to have good food that too Indian food in a dhabba.Rey says he knows a place where all of them can go.He says all of them together will make the last day for Kriya with them special.He suddenly realizes that Kriya is leaving.Its her last night.

Precap:Rey says he has an idea to stop whatever is happening.Kriya says if so many careers can be better by sacrificing her career,she is ready to do it.

Update Credit to: Deepika

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