Dil Dosti Dance 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharon agrees for the date, while Swayam thinks Huma must bring her parents before 6, he thinks I am sorry Sharon. Sharon says we must leave for home, Swayam offers to drop her. He gets a text, and says I am sorry Sharon, while replying. He gives Sharon her arm, but she puts her bag on it and leaves.
Vishnu and Ishika enjoy food, but they notice Raghv isn’t having anything. Vishnu asks is he following some special diet? He says that there are quite many types of tumors. Vishnu asks about the types but Ishika suggests to change the topic. Vishnu then asks which doctor is he consulting, he makes up and says it is Dr. O P Gandhi. Vishnu asks which hospital does he sits in. Raghv says here is the hospital going straight, Vishnu suggests two hospitals but Raghv says it is the third City Hospital. Vishnu says that there is a friend of his there, he will ask him about the doctor. Raghv gets annoyed, and leaves. Ishika looks at Vishnu in anger, but Vishnu tells her that her friend is lying about the tumour; he ask her to make her bring his reports of tumor. Ishika goes annoyed saying I wasn’t expecting you from this, and leaves. Vishnu thinks Ishika talked to him for the first time like this, and for Raghv.
Sharon comes to breakfast, her mom says she is glowing and apologizes for burdening her so much at a young age. Sharon says we must support our family. Her mom tells her she is going to Delhi to meet some lawyers. Sharon says that she will live alone, like she lived before.
Huma’s ammi brings her lunch box, but Huma says that she won’t take the lunch. Huma says that there is food in the canteen available; her mother says that it isn’t healthy. She gets annoyed when Huma refused to take it along. But Huma says sorry, and she agrees with her; still she hands her the lunch box and says that she will be really happy to see Huma dance in the St. Luois Academy. She asks her to meet us at the college gate. Huma is worried.
Vishnu peeks at Ishika from the end of newspaper. He offers to drop her but she says she will go by herself. He says that he will come home earlier, and we may go for outing. She says there is dance rehearsal, I will be late. He asks her about the money. She says she has them. Vishnu stops her and says I am sorry. She says it is okay, what is the use of talking about what has been done. Ishika looks back thinking what if Vishnu is right, ten thinks that Raghv won’t tell al lie about such big thing.
Huma was waiting for auto-rickshaw. A biker passes by, ruining her jeans. She shouts at the back. The biker removes his helmet, it was Karma. She says she must have got it before it could be you. Karma says that the path you are going on will only give you ruining. She says she will return his money. Karma says he enjoys watching her frightened face. Huma asks for his bike keys saying she isn’t afraid of anything. Karma gives the key to him and comes down the bike. Huma goes on the bike and rides it. Karma gives him a thumb up but she returns him a thumb down.
She starts the bike and goes away spinning it, and coming back to him. She moves in the way as to ruin the whole dress of Karma. He shouts ‘my bike’. Raghv was flirting with a girl in the café. Ishika comes to him and takes him along. She takes him in a corner and says you ruined all my mood. He says that Vishnu was talking nonsense. Ishika says I want to apologize you on his behalf. He says he is forgiven, she says that he must bring his reports tomorrow, she wants to show them to him and clarify that you aren’t a liar.
Swayam and Huma were in the library. Swayam asks are you crazy, three hours? She says there will be nothing wrong. He says that you must not tell a lie to you mom dad. She promises to tell them after Dance Mania. Huma thanks her, and says it wouldn’t be possible without him. He says how good it would have been if I wasn’t here at all. Karma was standing behind and thinks he will take the revenge, and get to know what this secret meeting is all about.
Raghv comes to Ishika, she was in front of class and in a hurry. He tells her that he told her a lie about brain tumor; he explains he did this because of her dance agreement.

PRECAP: Sharon tells Swayam that the costume designer has reached the college, she is waiting as she had postponed the meeting for lunch. She says they must leave. Huma dances while her parents watch her in the rehearsal hall. Sharon comes and asks what is happening here?

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