Dil Dosti Dance 1st July 2014 Written Episode Update

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At the workshop, they all hope some students come today. They asks where is Swayam. Rey says that Swayam is working on the fresher’s party. Nil asks where is Kriya. Rey says she is in Poona due to an important job. Bharat says that she should’ve been here at least. Rey gets angry and says that she hasn’t got the duty of fulfilling all their’s dreams. They all calm him down, he apologizes saying he has a great workload.
Huma comes back from the corridor, in the way she congratulate Raghav. He asks what about her. she doesn’t say anything. He says you are rejected? She says what better way could Sharon have found to revenge her. He says he will make Sharon up, but she says no way and leaves.
Swayam was instructing the waiters in the café about the party. The peons come to ask

her for Avantika (Sharon’s mom) lunch. He warms it in the microwave and setting the tray heads to take it to her. The waiter asks him for it, but he says he will take it. On the doorway, the tray slips and the bowl breaks. She says did she ask him to bring it for her. You are a student here, no need to be a waiter. Swayam comes out and thinks everything must be perfect in the fresher’s party. He runs for the auditions.
They conduct auditions but can’t find any dancer. They were going on a break, when Swayam comes and boosts their morale high.
Huma comes to Sharon’s cabin and says that she proved her right that she is selecting her favorites. Sharon says that I don’t need to give you any explanations, and you proved me right; as you should knock the door before coming inside. Sharon says that you must leave or I will call the security. Raghav comes in between and says that they must not fight in his presence. He says that he is sorry to Sharon from his and Huma’s side. Huma says she is not sorry to her, she got all the power because of her mother and can’t use it well. Sharon stands up. She shouts that it is enough. Leave right now! Raghav takes her away and closes the door behind.
Rey and friends were disappointed. Amar says that they must keep auditions tomorrow too. Swayam says that they must give the rejected students another chance. They all says that Sharon won’t leave them, but Swayam says that the rejected students aren’t a part of academy and Sharon won’t have problem with them. Bharat says that the flyers have ended but Swayam says he has one in the locker and goes to take it.Rey and friends discuss that he hopes that they get good friends among the students who got rejected. Amar says that sometimes students get rejected because they can’t afford the fee.
Raghav takes Huma out in the corridor. She shouts at him why he came between. Raghav says that I promised that I will get you admission into the academy but you didn’t let me convince Sharon. She says she doesn’t want to impress Sharon, she just want to see her maa happy. He says he will convince her too. She says oh please Raghav! You just take interest in every size of girl but cant understand them. she leaves, Raghav says you are right in saying no one can understand girls.
Raghv comes downstairs and sits with ishika on a bench. He asks can he drop her, she says Vishnu is coming to pick her up. He asks is Vishnu her boyfriend, she says he is just a friend. Raghav says he was saying that Vishnu is a boy and a friend too. He leaves. Ishika gets Raghav’s call, he apologizes saying that he is busy in a meeting and cant come to pick her. he tells her to take a rickshaw and go home alone.
Huma is sitting in the college stairs; she gets her mom’s call but cuts it off. She says she doesn’t have the courage to tell mom she wasn’t selected. Swayam comes and says that selection can take place. He says he heard her call tone and came to see as no one comes here. She begins to go. Swayam says that if she shares her feelings with someone else, she will feel better. She says that her mom wants her to be a big star, but she didn’t get selected here; only because she has no connection and she even fought with that Sharon speaking the truth in her face. Swayam says that Sharon isn’t like that. She says that she has seen how Sharon is. Swayam says that right now you are upset, you can get another chance as your destiny can’t be taken away from you. She says life ever gives anyone second chance. He says if he gets her a chance, she asks how. He says there is another academy the D3, it isn’t the international standard but dancing standards are quite high. She can give auditions if she wants.

PRECAP: They all watch Huma dance. She asks when will the results announced. Rey comes forward, and looks at her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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