Dil Dosti Dance 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil dosti dance
Rey’s dad tells him a story. There was a boy who had a childhood friend. As they grew up the girl got committed to someone else. She then realize that she loved her friend. The guy said I love you to her one day before her wedding. Rey asks what happened after that. His dad says that the girl became his mother. He says his mistake is that he didn’t let him watch Indian films else he would never have feared the airport authorities. Rey tells his father to stay here and leaves for airport. He calls Swayam and asks him the time if her flight and tells him he is going to say I love you to Kriya.
The traffic is blocked. Kriya is worried and tells driver to find a way else she will miss her flight. Rey calls her, she thinks he will fight again and doesn’t pick it up. He calls Swayam and tells him to ask Kriya where she is as she is angry with her. Swayam tells him not to worry. Kriya thinks why is everybody calling her and tells Swayam she is in her way. He is about to tell her about Rey when her battery goes dead.
Swayam tells Rey that she is blocked in the traffic but the call gets disconnected. Rey is determined to find her through the traffic. Swayam asks God not to put any further hurdle in Rey’s way. Rey gets caught by a police. He tells him to let him go right now as she wants to confess his love to the girl. The police officer says that in their times the lovers just used to call the names of each others. Rey says he can also do this. Kriya puts earphones on. Rey shouts her name but she can’t here. He looks for her in the cars. (The song “Gumshuda ” plays and Rey dances on the road). He comes near her taxi but she gets down in seat at that moment.
Kriya borrows that taxi driver’s cell phone and calls the airport to ask about her flight time. She tells them her name is Kriya Ghai. The driver hears this and asks if her name is Kriya. He tells her a guy is shouting her name on the road for a long time now. She gets off the car and calls her. He goes to her and hugs her tightly. She is shocked at his reaction. Kriya says they should talk in the way. Rey says he has to say it right now. He kneels down. Kriya asks him if he has gone mad. He says he has gone mad in her love and says I love you so much. She looks at him shocked. He asks her to accept his love; he will wait for her if she goes to New York after that.
He stands up and says he will drop her to airport. She doesn’t move. A driver calls them to leave the way. He drags her but she doesn’t move. She says she will go with him on one condition only, that he won’t take her to airport but for ice-cream. Rey says she will lose her flight. Kriya says you are so innocent, she says you and I have great memories together and I have got used to you. I wasn’t easy to leave all this. She says it is only because I like you. Rey is frustrated and tells her to go. She says Rey! I love you!
Rey asks her to say again. She repeats. He falls on the floor. She helps him stand. He shouts I love you Kriya and holds her up and swirls around in elation.

PRECAP: Rey’s dad says he met Kriya as his friend but when is he letting him meet her as his girldriend. Rey tells Kriya his dad wants to meet her. She says ‘What?’

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. i love kriyaansh! they’re the best couple ever! <3 :*

  2. neha i love u
    sonakshi be my gf
    hope u both have s*xy bodies
    i will satisfy u everyday

  3. Good one finally kriya had comitted her love for rey i m so happy

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