Dil Dosti Dance 12th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kriya is thinking that she must go back to New York now as the affiliation has been achieved. Rey calls her, then disconnects the call.

Kriya calls Rey back. He asks he called, he says it went by mistake. She says ok and is about to hang on while Rey says listen are you free tomorrow night. She says yes. He says be ready I have a surprise for you. They hang on. Rey thinks I will tell you tomorrow how much I love you; Kriya thinks I will tell everyone tomorrow that I am leaving.

Sharon is nailing a board standing on the ladder, she falls and Swayam catches her in his arms. He says I asked you to do it, as I am a guy. Sharon says I told you can’t hold the ladder. She argues he wanted them to have a filmy scene. Swayam leaves her as everyone is watching.

Nil and Vicky are coming downstairs, everyone congratulates them. They come and see the board saying Congratulations to team D3 for affiliation. They all gather in front of it when some students come to take an autograph and photo from them. They all celebrate the moments. Rey comes there; Kriya also comes from the back and says hi. He looks at her; she asks what he is watching. He says you are looking more beautiful today. He says today is a good day as its beginning is beautiful so end is also going to be beautiful. You must not forget to be ready tonight. Kriya says she wants to tell him something. She says since our affiliation is done so… Rilli suggests so there should be a party. They all agree. A girl comes to Kriya and asks can she also take admission in the New York University? Kriya thinks I had to go to New York before without wanting to; still I have to go without wanting to go. She says she will help her.

Swayam and Sharon take a leave to go to VP sir. VP sir appreciates them and tells them he has a surprise for you, some press people are coming to have an interview with you people in about two hours. He has arranges a get together for this. Swayam and Sharon come out thinking they have to make preparations. Sharon tells Swayam she wants to shout I Love You to the world. Swayam dares her and she does shout. He gets hold of her and they leave the corridor.

Kriya is in the rehearsal hall thinking this is the right time to tell Rey about her leaving. He comes there and asks why she texted. She says she wanted to tell him something. He asks what is in your heart. She stares, he explains means what is in your heart, just tell me. She was about to say something when Sharon calls her and tells her that media is coming in the college, they should immediately come to make the arrangements. Kriya tells Rey and they all make the arrangements together.

In the conference, VP introduces the team D3 and allows them to ask about their journey. A journalist asks Sharon how this big dream was achieved. Sharon says it wasn’t easy, there were difficulties. Swayam says there were many difficulties, fights, injuries but we were together. They ask Kriya she came to India especially for this affiliation. She says Mumbai and her friends are close to her so much that she came for them. They ask Rey about his experience. He says that there was a time when we were hopeless, it was then that Kriya came as an angel. She urges us that we will achieve this any way. He tells them that Kriya Rai left even the New York University scholarship for the affiliation. He gives her a standing ovation. She gets up, shakes hand with him and thinks she must tell him soon that she is leaving.

PRECAP: Rey and Kriya are having dinner together in a restaurant. Rey tells her that she is very special for him. She takes leave for washroom. He calls and asks if everything is ready. Her cell phone rings, he picks it up too. The travel agent informs that you flight for New York has been confirmed. Rey is speechless.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Pls Rey confess ur love

  2. Pls kriya don’t go back place accept his love stay back don’t hurt him

  3. rey must tell his love and kria should stay or else d3 team will be aadooora

  4. hey rey dnt loose kriya yar just confees ua love otherwise u l loose her again

  5. This kriya is just everytime she hurts rey

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