Dil Dosti Dance 11th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 11th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 11th March 2013 Written Update

The episode started with Taani siting inside the fire exit waiting for Rey to come.Rey comes in tells her that He is here.They both hug each other and sit down in the steps.Rey thinks that will this be correct to ask her.Rey says that the whole team is in the canteen waiting there.Taani says they will be doing good as their ads are also put up in the website.Rey informs her that they had got an offer but have rejected it owing to financial and divide in team.Taani asks if it is Sharon to which Rey says Yes.Rey tells her that he needs her help if she can speak with the VP and get some more time for paying the deposit.Taani says that He came here today on time cause he needs his work to be done.He never comes on time and today he is punctual.Rey tries to make her understand that it is not so but she runs from the door.rey gets shock and later finds out that it was his Imagination.Rey feels that this time is for the both and he must not bring professional dance work into this.

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Swayam is asking Sharon as to why did she doing this.Sharon replies saying he need not ask anything that is personal.Swayam says it belongs to the team and she must have not done so.Sharon asks why did he put up her Video in the website when she told she will not dance.Swayam says that he add to do so cause people were asking about their manager and this offer is only after seeing her solo performance.Swayam drags Sharon into the class room asking her for justifications of her act.

Maine kabhi nahi socha tha Ki you are being selfish Sharon.He also stresses her to Answer him as she still has not told him,And trust me your no answer will put up in trouble.He questions her asking Why is she avoiding her passion by going out of the way.Sharon replies him saying he does not have rights to ask her.Swayam replies saying then she too does not have any decision to make regarding the team.He continues saying He really though that what people say about her is wrong.She is a sensitive person but now he thinks he was wrong.Sharon asks if he is done to which he says no he is not cause she does not want to.Her ego is more important to her than her friends problem.he Finally says that he does not need her.They will manage .Stay in your I, me and myself world where only you will be present all alone and goes out of the room..

Sharon breaks down and sits on one of the bench.She gets her asthma attack cause of this.She rembers the last lines said by him and feels swayam is right and he has all rights to know the truth.

Swaron dance,convo and Reyam hug.

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