Dil Dosti Dance 10th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 10th September 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 10th September 2013 Written Update

The boys come in to fight with Rey.Rey asks what are they doing. The boys say he was flirting with their girls. Rey replies saying he was only speaking. The boy says not by keeping your head on the shoulders. Rey says he does not want to fight. The boys ask you don’t want to or you don’t know how to and push him. Rey falls and Swayam holds on his knuckles which Rey notices. Sharon comes in there and says hey you! before beating a single person see Your girls were interested in him and not other way. Rey thinks Sharon will spoil his plan seeing Swayam and gets up. He says what do you think I’ll not revolt back. I can handle all three of you alone. What do you think I don’t have friends so you can bully me.This is not going to work.The boys come forward to beat Rey when

Swayam comes and extends his leg in such a way that the guys fall down.He tells to the boys even by mistake don’t think he is alone.The D3 boys come and stand with Swayam.Rey comes near Swayam and tells him Thanks Bro,handling three was tough.The boys think he said he was alone how did a gang come in. The boys of other gang visel and two come from behind to attack Rey from behind when Rey catches his leg fro behind and asks you are attacking from behind.Girls encourage the guys to fight well.

Aashi goes and asks the girls its all happening cause of them. She asks them to control their boys.The girls push Aashi down when Sharon comes in and asks what is happening.The fight between the girls too start. Rey and Swayam see each other when rey asks Swayam to sit as he is wounded. Swayam says he can manage and fights back.Rey then asks him how he got injured when Swayam says its none of his business. The other gang get into bus and start moving.the D3 gang stays and then decide to walk.They were walking when Nilesh ,Vicky asks Rey to speak with Sharon. Rey tells them that Sharon will kill him by actions.Swayam is walking ahead when he remembers all the previous moments. Rey walks forward and tells Thanks .If not them then he would have gone. Swayam turns back and says he need to get mislead that just cause of this their issues are sorted.Rey says he was just saying Thanks. Aashi asks Rey what will he do now when Rey says there is a long way and they can do something.The gang keep walking see Maohar is 2 kms away. Aashi says she cant walk more forward without water. They seeing water and all run to drink it. VP is announcing when the boys says they must and come front.VP says here are they their GS,AGS,CS and ACS. Sharon says she can explain when VP says he knew they will come since their baggage’s were here.Vp says this is a team building exercise and this workshop will help them to handle in a team as they are going to face real world soon.

Vp adds they are free today and must make teams. They have to submit the event report once they are in college and dates will be announced later. Vp says they can chose their own team but activities will be by VP. Swayam and Sharon see eachother. Sharon stands with rey.Rey asks her why is she not with Swayam .Sharon says because she is more angry with Swayam.Rey she forgiven him.Sharon says its beter to stay with known than unknown.The boys are with Swayam when they say thank god Rey is not with them.Swayam asks them not to gossipThe boys says its not they were just telling about Rey.Nilesh says what if he stays with them and cheat.Swayam says not to backbite about him. Rey ses only girls in his team and says I cant stay with girls alone and moves towards boys.The bos push him.Rey says he cant stay with girls when Vicky says you are used to it.The VP comes and asks when Rey says he cant stay with girls team.Vp says why are they confusing they are all a team. The girls and girls are speaking with each other.the boys signal rey to come.Rey goes and Vicky says your plan is working in correct track.Rey says its all cause of your acting and they decide to continue with this plan.Swayam is now submitting in from of guys soon he will in front of Rey.The guys ask what when Rey says the flim is just about to start. Rey is sitting by and thinking when will sep 13 come when Karan kundra comes in and promotes him flim Horror story.


Precap: Rey asks Sharon to fogive him. Sharon hugs him and then says promise me you wont come between me and Swayam. Rey tells about Fake Plan idea to guys where when he sees the old place he will remember the memories

Update Credit to: asmaju

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