Dil Dosti Dance 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sara was upset, when Sharon comes there. She asks her to leave, as she will definitely defend Rey. Sharon says she will side the one who is right. She says that sometimes a person wants some space. Sara says she wanted to cheer him up, as he always angry. Sharon says that you are angry now, too. Sara asks her to leave her alone. Sharon hugs her.
The head happily welcomes his younger brother Lakhan. He asks about the city dwellers. The head says that he met them, and wants to start the dance in village again. He tells Lakhan that they are energetic. Lakhan says he will send them away. The head says if it doesnt happen, they will have to lose a lot.
Swayam asks Sharon about Sara. Sharon says she is angry and is upset taking her. She says that Rey’s frustration had to come out sometime, so she didnt say her anything. Swayam suggests to talk to Sara, but Sharon says they must leave her alone for sometime. Swayam says she is also like her, but Sharon warns him not to compare her with anyone and mock her family as it is going to be his in laws.
Rey thinks that Sara was right, why did he pour his anger on her. He thinks what was Swayam saying to him.
Ishika comes to help as village lady in making bread, while Huma and Karma watches her in awe. Ishika asks Huma to join her, and is shocked to see Huma. Karma laughs at her, Huma and the lady calls him to help. Ishika gives him way, and he asks Huma to pour water in it. They both try to kneed the flour in the same tray, and plays with each other’s fingers. Then begin to argue with each other. Huma puts her hand on her face and ruins it. Raghv says that there is romance going on. The lady tells that both of you husband and wife must cook and eat. Huma leaves in anger.
Sharon tells Swayam she will bring him breakfast. He makes her sit there, and asks her to say something different. She says that sometime, routine things are so interesting. He says that as a bachelor he wants to try different things. He discuss that he wants to apply in a Europeon university, wants to travel and meet different people, then do a worthy job. Sharon thinks marriage isnt in his list. He asks will she help him? She says she is always with him. THey hug, while Lakhan comes with his men and asks is this what you people came here for.
Raghv was bathing when he losts the bucket. Ishika comes there, Raghv was shy but asks her to help him. She pours buckets on him, then slips in his hands. He makes her stand, and says thankyou.
Swayam and Sharon ask they didnt see them here. Lakhan says that they didnt see any such thing in the village, and asks Sharon couldnt she find fulll clothes. Swayam asks him to watch out, when Rey also comes there and asks who is he. He introduces himself as the younger brother to head. He asks does he want to start the theatre as well. Lakhan says that there will become a 5 star hotel, people and the village will earn a lot. They argue that people won’t love their work. Lakhan says that they can make up villager’s mind, and says they will have to take care of delicate girls with them, specially at night.
His men asks why he just talked to them, but Lakhan says they will leave. The men comments on the girls. Lakhan says he is also thinking of taking some advantage of them.
Rey comes to wait outside, when Sharon comes there. He says sorry, that she talked to Sara like this. She says she is a bit more sensitive. He says he will apologize her, and comes to her room. She wasnt in there. He asks Vicky about Sara. He says she might be with Amar and Bharat, but they were asleep. Rey asks the juniors about Sara, but they deny it too. He wonders has she gone back, and asks Sharon. She says she went to walk, but five hours back and calls her. Rey thinks of Lakhan and is worried.

PRECAP:They divide in teams to find Sara, but can not find Sara. Rey is worried.

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