Dil Dhadakne Dho Na Episode 16


Recap: Arjun gets caught as he goes in search of Radhika. Viren and Virat capture Manvi’s attacker. JeevikaViren mind is racing with thoughts of Viren.Adi is confused regarding his feelings for Pankhuri. Virat holds Manvi as she falls down

Episode starts with the Hospital 

Virat is holding Manvi in his arms while Jeevika is sleeping. As seconds pass by both Virat and Manvi are lost in each other. They are brought to reality by the waking up of Jeevika. Virat helps Manvi steady herself and moves apart. He smiles sheepishly on seeing Jeevika

Jeevika: Virat..at this time?

Virat: Didi..woh…actually….came to make sure that you guys are safe….

Jeevika in mind: Achaa..toh yeh baat hai …Mannu feels for Virat..and janaab also feels for her. 

Jeevika: Thats sweet of you Virat.

Just then Virat’s mobile rings. Its Viren

Virat: Viren

Viren: Where are you Virat?

Virat: Im..Im at the hospital?

Viren: Hospital? At this time? Is anyone sick or hurt?

Virat: Actually…actually I came to visit Manvi

Viren: Virat? Early in the morning you have go to disturb them?

Virat: After the attack I wanted to make sure that …

Viren: Virat the security has been doubled so leave from there and come to the godown. I have something to tell you. 

Virat: Ill be there within 20 minutes 

The call disconnects 

Virat: Didi sorry for disturbing you

Jeevika: Virat dont be sorry. Your care for Mannu is never a disturbance. Am I right Mannu

Jeevika eyes at Manvi who is looking at Virat all this while. Only on hearing Jeevika she gets to reality 

Manvi: Di…

Jevika: Virat’s care is never a disturbance right?

Manvi: Ha…haan di

Jeevika is surprised at this calm reply. While Virat Is also surprised at Manvi’s reply and Jeevika’s statement 

Virat: Ill take your leave didi..

Virat walks out

Virat in mind: Oh fo Virat…you may love her but visiting her at early hours is so stupid. I have been visiting her in untimely hours for many times. I cant do this….but how should I control myself. There is a way…I must open up about my feelings for her very soon. But now I must rush to the godown.


Virat rushes inside to find Viren with the man

Virat: Whats so urgent?

Viren: Virat now this guy is going out

Virat: What? Why?

Viren: With a file bearing the name of Vadheras

Virat: I didn’t get you

Viren: When you bailed me out Karan knew that we are together now. Thats why he wants the xxx deal file so that he can’t rekindle our enmity. Now this guy will go with a fake xxx deal file

Virat: Wow man..that’s awesome….

Viren: This file has certain details which will work for us and against Karan

Virat: Can we trust this fellow?

Viren: If he wants his life he will do what we say

Viren and Virat stare at him

The guy: Sir..sir…Ill do as you say…..

Virat: He was sent to kill Manvi…wont Karan doubt how this file came to his possession? The burglarly happened after we caught him

Viren: This robbery is by at Vadhera house

Virat: What do you mean?

Viren: Guys switch on the news

News: Burglary at Vadhera Mansion. This event took place in the midnight. Viren Vadhera a known business supposedly has his important office files at home and his office room has be robbed

Viren: We just made the room clumsy informed the media and police

Virat: Police will find the fingerprints?

Viren: This gentleman who came to kill Manvi did that messing up job to make an authentic statement. Now it will be like he escaped from getting caught after trying to kill Manvi. When he went into hiding he knew that his boss wants that xxx file so he plans to steal it to compensate for failing the mission his boss gave him but he also heard the news of burglary at Vadhera office and his boss got nothing out of it. Thats when he suspected Vadhera house and broke in

Virat: Wooh..what a clever move Viren. Tusi great ho ji

He hugs Viren. The scene freezes 


Adi is walking in dull as he was sleepless the previous night. Rubel runs to him

Rubel: Adi..what happened?

Adi: Nothing

Rubel: Sach mein kuch nahi..your eyes are swollen..didn’t you sleep?

Adi remembers his struggle to come over the thoughts of Pankhuri in the previous night. 

Adi: Actually..woh…

Rubel: I need to say something to you

Adi: Tell na

Rubel: Payal….she…

Adi: Payal?

Rubel: Payal proposed me

Adi is happy to hear it

Adi: Finally it happened 

Rubel: You knew that she loves me

Adi nods

Rubel: Rascal you didn’t tell me

Adi: Its a secret of my friend I cant reveal 

Rubel: Not even to the one who is desperate to know it

Adi: If I had told you…it wont be as good as hearing it in her voice

Rubel: Waah…what a message. Waise Adi…aaj proxy laga do na 

Adi: Kis kushi mein?

Rubel: Arrey…its the first day of our relationship…Im taking her out..please please

Adi: Chal ja laga doonga

Rubel sprints away happily. Adi walks to the class. Pankhuri enters after few minutes 

Pankhuri: Adi

Adi takes his mobile and stares at it without looking at Pankhuri. Pankhuri is upset by his behaviour but as the professor walks in she seats herself. During the class she keeps looking at Adi. Adi too catches her sight but acts like he doesn’t know 

Adi in mind: Adi…yaar she is a friend…..you cant have such feelings on her…if she gets love letters why should I be possessive…let me stay away from her for few days. Until Im sure about what these feelings are it’s better to be away.

The scene shifts to Gujarat , its night

Arjun wakes up from his unconsciousness. He rubs his eyes and looks around and now he starts to feel the grip of the ropes tied around him

Arjun in mind : Oh gosh…I must escape from here at any cost. But how…..

He tries his best to untie himself but his efforts go vain.  he senses someone coming and gets prepared to confront them. But that person is a small girl. The girl walks to him and smiles at him

Girl: Are you the uncle who came in search of Radhika didi?

Arjun: Haan..how do you know?

Girl: Papa and others were talking. Uncle please take didi with you

Arjun: Why? What happened?

Girl: Jiju is not good…I saw him beating didi

Arjun: What?

Girl: Yeah…didi came out after the rituals and she was getting ready . Jiju came in and touched didi. She scolded him. He slapped her…and then he also mentioned to kill you when didi refused to marry him

Arjun: Radhika knows that Im here?

Girl: Yes…Bhaiya told her. She only sent me here to help you 

The girl takes a knife

Girl: Uncle Ill untie you

She cuts the ropes with the knife freeing Arjun. He goes on his knees and kisses the girl

Girl: Uncle jaldi..jaldi….shaadi will happen very soon…

The girl and Arjun walk out to the wedding venue. He sees that varmala is already over. And sindoor ritual will happen anytime. He grows desperate to save Radhika. Without a second thought he gets into the crowd and reaches the stage.

Arjun: Yeh shaadi nahi hoga

The groom gets angry to see him while Radhika gets emotional 

Groom: Kon ho tum?

The relatives too come there

Elderly man: Why are you saying that this marriage will not happen?

Arjun: Because Radhika…Radhika…is my wife

All eyes bulge. Even Radhika is shocked 

Groom: Dont blabber

Arjun: Im not blabbering…Radhika is my wife. This marriage cannot happen. 

Elderly man: If she is your wife where were you all this while

Arjun: Radhika and I work in Mumbai. She was called for her sister’s wedding. As their family didn’t accept me Radhika alone came here as she wanted to see her sister get married. But since she came here her mobile was off and I couldn’t reach her, so I came here in search of her. If you have doubt you can ask people of this place. I have asked almost all of them about her. But he..(he points at the guy who captured him) he…made me unconscious and tied me. I escaped just now. Radhika is wife. This wedding can never happen until Im here in this world. Im here for Radhika

He says this looking at Radhika. 

Radhika in mind: He is planning something to save me. He has risked his life for me. I must now cooperate with him. If I say that what he is saying is a lie these people will kill me. I cant let that. 

Radhika: Haan…Arjun….is my husband. 

Arjun: Suna aapne

A lady: Then why was your maang empty when you came?

Radhika: Maasi I work in Mumbai corporate. Not all married woman apply sindoor in their maang everyday

The elderly man: You guys are getting a married girl married to someone else

Radhika’s dad: They are lying…we….

Elderly man: I very well know that your second daughter loves this guy’s brother and their family wants two daughter in laws from your family..but that doesn’t mean that you cant get a married girl married to him. This wedding will not happen. We wont stand here watching this nonsense

Groom: Who are you to say this. Ill marry her at any cost

Suddenly the village men gather around them

Elderly man: Beta ….take your wife with you. We will teach this guy a lesson

Radhika takes off her garland. When she is about to go with Arjun

Lady: Ruko..we haven’t witnessed your marriage…so fill her maang here so that we get satisfied that we have sent her with the rightful person

Radhika and Arjun are shocked. But Arjun swiftly takes the sindoor and fills her maang. Radhika is shocked as hell. The scene freezes 


1. Arjun reassures Radhika

2. Pankhuri’s accident

3. Viren helps Jeevika

4. Virat receives a call from Karan

Thank you Jasmine and Mahi for your support for this ff.

  1. Jasminerahul

    Virman lost in each other was romantic. Viren’s plan is excellent.sad that adi is avoiding pankhuri.poor pankhuri.is adi avoiding her to control his feelings for her or to test his own feelings for her?arjun coming to save radhika was nice.surprising that to save her he lied that they are already married.glad that the wedding is cancelled. But will the groom take revenge?surprising that arjun married radhika for the public.perfect pics.

  2. 12 mahi

    Wonderful episode❤ .Pls do update soon.

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