Dil Dhadakne Dho Na Episode 13

Recap : Virat expresses love to an unconscious Manvi. Virat and Viren make the plan. Radhika shares her problems with Arjun who plans to help her along with Neha and Rishabh. Latika blurts out the truth to Adi and Pankhuri. Rubel overhears it


All of them turn to see Rubel standing near behind them. Latika is shocked. Rubel marches towards her followed by Payal 

Rubel: What did you say about Adi and my separation 

Latika: Nahi Rubel woh..

Rubel: Oh come on I heard it from you and dont dare to change the topic. Its better if you tell the truth to me

Latika: Rubel….rubel…yes I did it. I love you and didn’t want anyone near you other than me

Rubel: So you made all those false accusations on Adi and made me hate him? You liar

Latika: I love you Rubel thats why I did that.

Rubel: Latika did you just say that you love me?

Latika nods

Rubel: Acha…will you do anything for me?

Latika: Of course

Rubel: Then never show your face to me 

Latika: Rubel…

Rubel: Dont utter my name hereafter 

Latika: Acha..dont you love me then?

Rubel: I never did. I thought you were my friend but that too not anymore 

Latika: Why? Why dont you love me?

Rubel pulls Payal near him

Rubel: Because I love her

Latika: So its all because of her right

She barges towards Payal. Rubel slaps Latika

Rubel: How dare you think of hurting her

Before Rubel could do anything else Adi stops him

Adi: Bas Rubel..dont stoop to her level

Rubel’s anger melts into tears which flow down his cheeks. He hugs Adi and starts to cry

Adi: Shsh..dont cry na yaar

Rubel: Im sorry Adi

Adi: Its okay

Rubel: Its not okay. I behaved like a rogue to you and to Pankhuri too

He breaks the hug and goes to Pankhuri 

Rubel: Im sorry Pankhuri 

Pankhuri: Its okay Rubel. Leave it

Rubel: Let me apologise 

Adi: Yaar when did you become melodramatic? Come on yaar its okay lets start fresh now

They share a group hug. Suddenly Adi’s mobile rings. Its Virat

Adi: Bhai?

Virat: Adi are you safe there?

Adi: Haan bhai what happened?

Virat: Someone has complained on the attack on me and arrested Viren. He is in police station now. That Karan is planning something. Be safe

Adi: Should I come along bhai?

Virat: No Adi. Jeevika didi and her colleagues Rishab and Neha are coming with me to the police station

Adi: Okay bhai. Take care

Virat: Be safe

The call disconnects 

Rubel: What happened?

Adi: Tumhe Viren bhai aur Virat bhai ke baare mein pata haina?

Rubel: Of course I know that very well. Again a fight?

Adi: No man it’s actually very lengthy 

Pankhuri: We dont get anything Adi

Adi: Ill tell wait

He tells everything in detail from Manvi’s attack to Virat and Viren joining together

Rubel: I have heard dad talk about that Karan. Such a brat

Pankhuri: Will business rivalry get to this extent?

Adi sighs and nods

Rubel: No one can dare to touch you till Im here

Adi: Oh hello Im not any damsel in distress for you to become my saviour prince

Rubel: Okay hero

Payal: Bas bas baaki ka bromance after class

Payal leaves from there. Adi Pankhuri and Rubel walk to their department with everyone watching this in amusement. The scene freezes 

Police Station

Virat, Jeevika , Neha and Rishabh rush inside. Jeevika gets teary eyed to see Viren behind the bars. She couldn’t understand why but the pain makes her heart pine

Virat: Sir we have come to free Viren

Police officer: But sir we cant

Virat: That attack was on me and

Jeevika: It was my sister who got hurt. When we ask you to free him why dont you

Police officer: No mam the complaint 

Virat: How can you arrest someone based on a random complaint without proof

Police: Sir your rivalry is well known so..

Virat: Now Im here to get him out , is there any rivalry seen in this? Let him out. My attack was not by him

Police: Then who did it?

Neha: Shayad aap bhool rahe hai ki yeh aapka kaam hai

Police officer gets speechless 

Virat: What are you still thinking? I said na Viren did not do that attack. Release him . Lawyer sir

Police officer: You should sign certain documents for that

Virat: Why not? Show me

Jeevika rushes to Viren

Jeevika: Viren sir are you alright? Did they mistreat you?

Viren os happy and surprised to see so much concern on him by Jeevika

Viren: Jeevika Im fine dont worry

The lock up is opened and Viren walks out.  Virat hugs him

Virat: Sorry Viren I never expected this

Viren: Dont say sorry Virat. We need to be cautious than ever. He is planning something worse

Virat: Yes but now we leave from here

Everyone walk out.

Virat: Ill drop you three in the office 

Viren: But…

Virat: No other answers other than lets go. Get in

Viren: Rishabh and Neha thanks for coming too

Neha: Its our responsibility sir. Dont embarrass us

Rishabh’s mobile rings. Its Arjun

Arjun: When are you four coming? The team is empty now. We need to finish the work.How is sir?

Rishabh: He is fine sir. We are on the way. But isn’t Radhika working on the project now?

Arjun: Radhika? Isnt she with you?

Rishabh: No sir. Hasn’t she come there yet?

Arjun: No…okay fine come soon

He disconnects the call

Arjun in mind: Where is she ? Is she fine?

He dials her number but it’s switched off

Arjun in mind: Did they do anything to her? I have promised to save her and I must do it

He rushes out to Jenny

Arjun: Jenny Im going out on an important work. If sir comes please inform him

Arjun takes his bike and speeds out. The scene freezes 

Hospital, Night

Jeevika is sitting with Manvi. Manvi has gained consciousness now and is as lively as ever

Manvi: Di how long should I be here?

Jeevika: Just for few more days Mannu. These wounds should heal right

Manvi: Its so boring here

Jeevika: I wanted to ask something to you

Manvi: Yeah..ask..

Jeevika: You said you dont like Virat then why did you risk yourself for him?

Manvi: Haan he was irritating me a lot but my inner feelings made me do it..it pushed me to move him away and take on that..something was telling that its worse to see him getting hurt that getting hurt myself 

Jeevika is surprised to know that her little sister is in love and she has not realised it and is calling it as an inner feeling 

The nurse walks in

Nurse: Mam please get these medicines 

Jeevika gets it and leaves. The nurse changes the IV bottle and walks out. Manvi gets too bored and dozes off. Suddenly someone enters the room. He is wearing a mask and has a knife as he approaches Manvi. Manvi senses a presence and opens her eyes. She sees the person and shouts. He shuts her mouth and aims the knife at her neck. The scene freezes 


  1. What happened to Manvi?

  2. Radhika’s SOS message 

  3. Rubel’s wait ends?

  4. Pankhuri gets a letter

  1. 12 mahi

    wonderful update . do update soon.

  2. Jasminerahul

    Glad that rubel got to know that lathika is the culprit n adi is innocent.lathika trying to hurt payal n rubel slapping lathika was shocking.adi is right.he should not stoop to her level.adi rubel scenes were nice.glad that viren is released bcz of virat n jeevika.though short virika scene was nice.jeevika asking manvi why she risked her life for virat n her reply was nice.shocking that somebody has come to kill manvi.where is radhika?

  3. Wow! It’s amazing. I loved this chapter ❤️

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