Dil Chahta Hai -Episode 14

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All enjoy the night with some yummy food and drinks.The boys plan something secretly.Ruhi notice that and understand that they are planning for party tonight.

Ruhi to herself: Yeh ladke toh party ka soch rahe hai…Agar mein inke saath gayi toh Ishu di, Khushi di aur Garima aunty kya sochenge….Aur mujhe Party bhi karni hai.Mein Kya karoon?? (These boys are planning for party and if I go with them what will Ishu,Khushi and Garima aunty think….And I want to do party also….What will I do?)

Khushi sees Ruhi sitting sad and sees the boys talking about partying.An idea strikes Khushi.

At night,

Khushi goes near a sad Ruhi.
Khushi:Hello…I know we havent talked much
Ruhi(sadly):We havent talked at all
Khushi:Yah….But I can give u something as a gift for your success
Ruhi lifts her head and looks at Khushi doubtfully
Ruhi:What will u give? A new contract file?
Khushi(smiles):That was a bit rude…but I dont mind…..I was thinking about a Party..what say?
Ruhi gets excited and hugs Khushi
Khushi:I can’t go out at this time of night…The boys are partying in their room…I can take you there.

Ishu see Khushi and Ruhi talking secretly
Ishu:What are u both talking?
Khushi:A party would u like to join?
Khushi:Boys room
Ishu:Acha! (Keeps her hands on hips) come we will spoil it!
Ishu:Easy,in between get inside the room and put on the light and beat them up…
Ruhi nods smiling.Khushi winks at Ishu
Khushi(to herself):Thank you Ishu for the plan….Now at least Ruhi is happy.

Khushiru go inside Armanrav room through the balcony and the room was silent the trio finds something fishy……They switch on the light.And the boys scream.
Ishu:Relax its us.

Arnav:Wh..Wh..Why did u people come here?
Ruhi: To spoil your party…But is this a party room?
Aarav:Who told you we were partying…We were watching our favorite horror film as part of the success
Khushi:Chi! This is how you do party after success?
Arnav:We are like this…Do you have any problem?
Ishu:Ok…Now we have come…LETS PARTY
Raman:No party varty…lets see the film and sleep
Ishu:Arnu kaha se mila tumhe yeh bhudda? (Arnu..where did you get this old man?)
Raman:Heyy don’t call me old man.
Ishu:What will u do? Old man cant even drink a beer bottle in a gulp.
Raman takes a beer bottle and drinks it in a gulp.
Raman:Punjabi ko challenge mat kar (Don’t challenge a Punjabi)
Ishu:Gujurati ka challenge bhi pura mat kar (Dont accept the challenge of a Gujurati)
Ishu drinks the next beer bottle in a gulp.
Aarav:Let’s do party tonight
They start party.Aarav plays the music in his phone.All starts to dance…Ishu starts losing her control and starts blabbering.
Ishu sits for sometime and sees the room revolving….She closes her eyes and shakes her head and stands up….The lights were off and the room was changed to a party room…The DJ flashed on her face.Blurred images flashed before her….She saw Raman dancing
Raman(drunk):Come on Dance!

Ishu holds his collar and takes him outside….He was confused
Ishu:The music
Raman:But we are outside the room now
Ishu:Ok we will go in
Raman looks at her confused.He takes her inside and makes her sit in the sofa…She pulls him alongside her.
Ishu:I hate you
Raman:Oh me…why?
Ishu:Bcoz….Arnav likes you more
Raman:And…any other reason
Ishu:Yes! You are so sweet and lovely to be with and everybody likes you.
Raman:Oh…Should I be a serious,kadoos person?
Raman looks on shocked
Raman:Sorry I cant
Ishu:You have to be…so that everybody who likes you should hate you
Raman:Who are you to order me?
Ishu:Your mom
Raman again looks on shocked
Raman:U better sleep….I cant handle you
Ishu(cutely):Tussi ja rahe ho? (Are you going?)
Raman nods
Ishu:Tussi na jao (U dont go)
Raman:If I go then
Ishu:If u like me stay here
Raman finds it cute and adores her childishness
Ishu:I swear I will not say anything…I liked sitting with you.
Raman smiles and sits next to her…Ishu starts explaining so many things which Raman didn’t understand and ultimately she sleeps off on his shoulders.He smiles.

Arshi and Rurav were dancing after a drink.
Arnav holds Khushi’s hand and dance.Khushi enjoy dancing…Arnav pulls her closer and dance…Khushi gets electrolated when he pulled her closer….Arnav was bit drunk so as with Khushi and both of them were in their senses.
Khushi:Arnav what are you doing?
Arnav:I was searching for you…Koi anjaan seher mein anjaana anjaani bankar mil liye na? (We met as strangers in a strange city right?)
Khushi gets happy tears and shocked
Khushi:Arnav! It was you
Arnav nods
Khushi gets happy and hugs him.
Khushi:I was waiting for that moment when I will see you and I wanted to say this line and you stole my line
Arnav smiles :By the way that was my line
Khushi laughs and both share a passionate Kiss
Khushi shakes Arnav and he gets back to his senses (PS.It was a dream)
Arnav(to himself ): she doesnt remember the name….!

Both dance.
Ruhi was avoiding Aarav and dancing…Aarav was trying to bring her attention to him.
Ruhi:Stop! Nothing is going to work on me as I am already taken
Ruhi:I….I..Have a boyfriend
Aarav stops for a second and is unable to speak…Ruhi witness the happy face turning pale and then sad.She feels bad.
Ruhi:I..am sorry if I have hurt but I had to say the truth
Aarav:What is his name?
Ruhi:I dont know…But it’s a childhood love story….
Aarav takes Ruhi out as he sees Arshi and Ishra have slept…Khushita in the bed, Arnav in the sofa and Raman in another.

*Wait for Ruhi’s childhood love story.And dont forget to comment

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  1. Sravs

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!so nice vero arnav’s dream was awesome and ishra were so cute ii mean ishitha is so cuteeeee……………….and arav and ruhi part was good entirely today’s chapter was awesome…………………i replied on your 13 chappy did you seen it or not???? anyways waiting for your next part to upload………………

    1. Veronica

      Thanks yaar and i saw… But couldn’t comment

  2. totally loved today episode….it’s just awesome….

  3. Kumud

    Nice one

  4. Jasminerahul

    Teasing n challenging Raman was so funny.ishra scene was so cute.arshi were damn romantic.I thought finally childhood friends United.but sad that it was a dream.when will the truth be out?poor aarav sad about ruhi having bf.waiting for her past .hopefully it will make aarav happy

    1. Veronica

      Thnx Jasmine……You have to wait till my next epi dear

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