DIL BOLE OBEROI! A story full of love,pain,hatred,disbelief and trust (Intro & Promo)

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Hello guys. I am a new member in this fanfiction zone. Hope you guys will not get irritated by me. Form many days I want to write a ff of my own beside it I also read another ff also. So,enough of my bakbaks. Let’s start this is my promo,introduction and character sketch. Hope you like it. And plz plz plz comment good or bad anything is excepted. (Including chamelis,chiknis,eggs,tomatoes )Now start-

Character sketch:
(Oberoi family)
Shivaay Singh Oberoi:An arrogant and stubborn businessman don’t believe in blood,family status and lineage. Love his cousins and dadi a lot but hate his mom. He has some hidden pain in his heart but he doesn’t tell it to anyone. (Will revealed in further eps if you guys like it). And he hate to love anyone(except family) it also has some secrets.

Omkara Singh Oberoi:An artist and sculpturist. He is calm and love his cousin but for some reasons he is afraid to love or trust anyone else. He doesn’thate tej but didn’t trust him or love him.

Rudra Singh Oberoi:He is a bit different from real IB. He is not flirty but he is very famous in the girl’s society. He is fun loving, joyous and childish minded.

Priyanka Singh Oberoi:Youngest child of Oberoi family. Very sweet. She has no past(like the accident incident). She is very sensitive.

Tej Singh Oberoi: Same
Jhanvi Singh Oberoi:Same
Shakti Singh Oberoi:Same
Pinky Singh Oberoi:She is very much devoted to God. She believes that blood,family,status and lineage is everything. She wants to make Shivaay Oberoi’s heir.

Anika(Raichand):Eldest daughter of raichand family but she is lost in an accident along with her brother and siss. Adopted by sahil’s bua to tc of sahil’s but she became his sis but Sahil’s bua is not bad she afford everything that Anika need from study to occupation everything. Anika is a private detective. And very famous in the whole India.
Sowmaya:Younger daughter of raichand adopted by Asini Bijlani and Ashok Bijlani she is a film director.
Ranveer:Youngest child of raichand he is a cop and he completed all his study fron orphanage.
Kapoor sis are same but their will be one or two more character.

(Author’s note:) I don’t know shrenu parikh’s name in IB so I can’t give her character sketche now if anyone know it plz tell me.

It is a painful story at the beginning but slowly it will become interesting and ISHKARA or (what will be shrenu’s name) they will be a u turn of my story.


A woman is on call and saying that ‘I want every details about the Oberois and especially about tej and shakti Oberoi Shwetlana has failed but I have to take the the plan further and if thes time you failedI am not gonna leave you and your family understood’
On the other side:Don’t worry mam I am gonna do this perfectly. But our only obstacle is Shivaaywe have to remove him first.
Woman:Don’t teach me I know what to do and when to do just do the work I gave you or else…….. you know.
Man:Yes mam.
Woman:You are finished Oberois. Finished!!!

On the other hand in OM there is pending preparation for mahaarti to choose the Oberoi heir. But something goes wrong.

What do you think guys
who was that lady?
Whathappened in Mahaarti?
Why Shivaay hate his mother?
What pain does he have?


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  1. Shrutika

    Please continue!

    1. Orchid

      Thanks for your comment dr I will continue.

    1. Orchid

      Thanks for your comment dr.

  2. Shivika

    Interesting……fab……post soon

    1. Orchid

      Thanks Shivika actually I am motivated from you ppl guys. Thanks for your comment.

  3. It’s nice go ahead with further episode

    1. Orchid

      Thanks I will post the next tomorrow Pinky promise.

  4. Dheemahee

    Interesting concept please post soon..

    1. Orchid

      Thanks for your comment I will post tomorrow.

  5. Shuklarashi

    Interesting story continue dear

    1. Orchid

      Thanks for your comment I will continue.

  6. Renimarenju

    Its different and the way u have started makes an interest to read ur ff……hope u will create wonders through ur ff……all the best……and loved the promo…….yaar…..keep it up…

    1. Orchid

      Thanks for your comment the thin you say means a lot to me. Keep reading.

  7. Nice. .. continue

    1. Orchid

      Thanks I will post tomorrow.

  8. Yashu

    Too good..waiting 4 nxt…

    1. Orchid

      Thanks dr I will post soon.

  9. it’s interesting dear. Please continue.

    1. Orchid

      Thanks for your comment I will continue.

  10. Razna

    Wooww its really gona intreating……plzzz continuee it….iam waiting…..

    1. Orchid

      Thanks dr I will surely continue I am working on the first part I will post it tomorrow.

  11. its nice. plz continue.. I read somewhere that shrenu’s name in ishqbaaz is ISHANA.. I am not sure…

  12. Orchid

    Thanks for your comment and the information dr and I will surely continue.

  13. That was a catchy beginning. Waiting for the next to see where this is going and if its full of pain slowly turning into love than im very happy about it 🙂 ! I have something to say though but please don’t take it to heart i mean it isn’t just for you it is for ALL FANCLUB WRITERS… please never start a story by saying stuff like “hopefully you won’t get irritated by me” or “ik its a bad story” because i believe that whatever you put across to the world, you should do it confidently and give your best because if you give your best then there is simply no question arising of people not liking your work! Please don’t get offended orchid because you aren’t the first person to do so i really don’t intend to hurt any feelings. 🙂

    Sorry if i hurt your feelings but it was just really important for me to speak my mind out. 🙂


    1. Orchid

      Thanks for your comment I did not take anything in heart coz I know I have a lot to improve and thanks for your precious suggestion keep reading. I will try my best.

  14. Nice concept…waiting for next…

    1. Orchid

      Thanks for your comment. I will post tomorrow.

  15. Lovelyyyy??? update daily

    1. Orchid

      Thanks for your dr. I wil try to post daily.

  16. I madly liked this show

    1. Orchid

      Even me kajal.

  17. Interesting please continue

  18. Orchid

    Thanks for your comment I will surely continue I am posting it tomorrow.

  19. Amazing promo! ? Pls continue dear.

    1. Orchid

      Thanks for your comment dr I will continue I am posting it tomorrow.

  20. Vincy

    Nice… Hope so Anika’s SIS n bro will be united soon

    1. Orchid

      Thanks for your comment I will try to make it soon.

  21. I loved the concept i really appreciate you to wrte this story
    Pls continue
    And shrenu s name in DBO is Gauri as per the sources

    1. Orchid

      Thanks for your comment and information dr keep reading.

  22. Nice ..keep it up..all the best for next..

    1. Orchid

      Thanks for your comment and motivating me dr

  23. Gayathri.visu

    Interesting concept… I loved it. Please continue…..

    1. Orchid

      Thanks for your comment i will post today

  24. Kehkasha

    Hey orchid…its really good…well what’s ur real name….anyways…. Plz
    And according to instagram sreenu’s character name will be GAURI…

    1. Orchid

      Hi kehkasha thanks for your comment and information and my real name is Nafisa.

  25. Interesting…

    1. Orchid

      Thanks for your comment dr keep reading.

  26. Nice intro plz continue

    1. Orchid

      Thanks for your comment I have posted the next

  27. Mrunal

    hey dea…
    u know ur intro just tempted me to put a comment..
    its was fab…
    really looks tooo interesting…

    and u asked for shrenu’s name..
    it’ll be gauri…
    and it’ll be referred as omri according to the sources…
    hope this will help u…

    1. Orchid

      Thanks mrunal for the help. I have posted episode 1 and 2 hope you will like them too.

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