DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 13

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Hey guys thank you for the appreciation and love! I tried replying to most of the comments but I’m sorry for not replying back to all! I hope you love this episode as well!

Gauri: omkara ji!
(omkara goes towards her)
Kaali: (tells his men) stop him ! Even if you have to kill him, do it!!
om: i’m not scared of you Kaali!!
(the men come and fight with om…om fights well…he kicks, punches and defends himself)
Kaali: by the way, what was your reason to come here? You said that gauri isn’t your wife…she has no place in your heart right?
om( talks while fighting) no she doesn’t…but I have humanity..I can’t tolerate people who torture and misbehave with women…it’s my childhood trait!
(Kaali smirks)
(gauri is happy and worried for him at the same time)
(Om still fights those men brilliantly well but suddenly a man from behind comes with a sword…and hits back…)
Om: (stops) aaaahhh! (he falls down)
Gauri: (shocked) omkara ji!!! ( she runs towards him but kaali’s men stop her)
Gauri: omkara ji!! Get up!! Open your eyes omkara ji!!

In the oberoi mansion:-
(the family is watching om on the tv)
Shivaay: come on om…get up! Please!
Jhanvi:( cries) get up om!!
(dadi and buama go to the goddess idol and pray for om)
Rudra: enough Bhaiya! I can’t see om so helpless! I’m going to help him…
Shivaay: lets wait for the time rudra…dont worry…we’ll help him..
rudra: okay…I hope o handles him until we go…
on the terrace of the building:-
Gauri : omkara ji!! Get up!!
(Om opens his eyes a little)
Kaali: ( laughs) get up na! You still haven’t saved her! (he signs his men, they take sword towards gauri…they almost strike it when…)
Om: nooooo!! (gets up and hits the men, they fall down…then he starts going towards kaali ..few men come and hold omkara’s hands from back…)
Om: leave me! Let me go! I won’t spare you kaali! You’ve not only troubled her but also troubled my family! ( he struggles to go)
(Kaali comes towards him with a sword)
(om is surprised)
In a car:-
Rudra: Bhaiya I hope we reach on time! I’m getting scared…
Shivaay: I’m driving as fast as I can Rudy…we’ll reach there soon..

On the terrace:-
(Kaali walks towards om)
Om: this is not fair kaali! If you alone have the strength then fight me don’t trap me and just use a sword!
kaali:(continues walking) everything is fair in love and war! I’m sure you would have read about it! (laughs) and in my case it truly is love and war!! (he lifts his hand to strike him and strikes…there’s blood on the sword…gauri’s blood…)
Om: gauri? (looks at her…saathiya plays)
Gauri: (gasps and whispers) omkara ji…
Kaali: what did you do! Hatt! (he pushes gauri…om realises that gauri is going to fall from the terrace…he kicks kaali and he falls…his men who are in shock leave his hand and run to kaali..om rushes to save gauri…gauri slips and hangs down the building…om holds her hand…they have an eye lock)
Om: I won’t let you go! (he tries to pull her up)
Gauri: I won’t be able to do it omkara ji! (cries)
Om: you can! Come on…try!

Gauri: i’m sorry omkara ji..because of me you fell into trouble…I never many any harm to you…I wanted to be with you..to help you out…I never wanted anything in return…please forgive me omkara ji…(her arm is still bleeding)
Om: this is not the time to clear things out gauri! Come on..try coming up…slowly..
(om tries pulling her up but asp is in vain, then he sees another hand beside him asking for gauri’s hand…he looks at him…and sees rudra)
Rudra: gauri ! Give me your other hand…quick! ( gauri gives her other hand with difficulty, and Rudy pulls it)
Om: rudra?! you’re here? that means shivaay?
Rudra: he’s taking care if kaali’s men..(om turns and sees shivaay fighting the men, then he and rudra help gauri come up)

Rudra: your hand is bleeding badly gauri! (om sees the wound made by the sword)
Om: there must be some cloth somewhere…(he looks for a cloth…he finds one and carefully wraps it around gauri’s arm…gauri looks at him…tune of raabta song plays )
Gauri: ahh!
Om: what happened? Is it too tight?
Gauri: (smiles) no..it’s..it’s fine..
Om: come lets help shivaay! ( they go and fight with shivaay against the men…gauri tries to help them..later the men give up…Kaali comes there…)
Kaali: be prepared to die omkara!( gets a gun )
Shivaay: (shouts) nothing can harm my brothers until I die! And shivaay Singh oberoi doesn’t die easily! (he punches kaali and the oberos fight him..but he is strong..he hits them one by one and they fall…he aims his gun at om…shivaay and rudra get worried for him…suddenly gauri comes behind kaali and hits his head with a hard glass bottle and kaali falls ..then the police come and arrest him)
The brothers look at gauri….

Precap: om thanks Gauri and speaks to her…

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