Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 7th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 7th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivani washing her face. She picks the towels to wipe her face and finds something on it. She looks at her hairs and finds ash powder marked on her forehead. She gets scared. Madhavi knocks on the bathroom door. Shivani opens the door and looks scared. She shows ash on her forehead to Madhavi. Madhavi tells her that it is dust and not ash. She asks her not to get scared. She tells her that Veer praised her acting and asks her to get ready for shoot. Shivani is still not convinced and finds her saree torn.

She sees a servant picking the tray items and asks her. She says nothing and goes inside. Shivani then sees her torn saree piece on the plant and gets shocked. She picks it and wonders what it is doing there. Veer comes there and asks her, what happened? Shivani shows him Saree piece and tells him that she got it on the plant. Veer looks at the plant and says your saree might have stuck on the plant while playing with Ayush. Raghu comes and asks her to come.

Maya holds Sumitra’s legs and asks for forgiveness. She cries. Sumitra asks her to get up. Maya says, my mind got brightened. I have done so much for this family. Sumitra smiles and says it is too late now. Maya asks her not to say no. Sumitra says, I don’t need you. You are meant to be my servant. Maya stops her and says you know very well that I am very useful to you. Saharia family came here to get back their home from you. Sumitra is shocked.

Shivani is rehearsing with Sameer. Sameer tries to molest her. Shivani shouts for help. Raghu comes and beats Sameer. Shivani says, no……Sameer asks, have you gone mad. Raghu says, I will kill you. Shivani tells Raghu that they were doing rehearsal. She tells him that she was just practising the scene. Sameer tells Shivani that her husband gets so annoyed. Raghu says sorry. Sameer leaves. Shivani asks, what happened to you? Why you are behaving this way. Raghu says, I misunderstood it. I thought you are in trouble. Shivani asks, what happened. You can’t bear if someone holds my hand. You can’t bear if anyone comes closer to me during shooting. You are angry and jealous. What happened.

Raghu says, it is not like that. Shivani asks him to answer himself. She asks him to close his eyes and asks his heart. She asks him to know himself. Raghu is tensed. Do Dil Bandhe Plays…………..Raghu thinks why I am tensed. His reflectio comes and says your answer is with you. You don’t want to listen to your truth. Raghu asks, what is it? His reflection says, you loves Shivani. Raghu says, I can’t love her, she is my babyji. His reflection/soul laughs on him and asks him to answer why he gets jealous to see her with someone else. Raghu is speechless. His reflection says, you wants her to hold your hand. You loves her very much. This is just love. Accept that you loves her. Raghu says, truth is that I can’t see her with anybody else. Do Dil Bandhe Plays…………………..

Dadi comes to meet Shivani at the studio. She jokes with Shivani and says she came to act as Shivani’s younger sister. Shivani says, they did a mistake by taking me as a heroine. You should be the heroine. Dadi says, I came to see Raghu getting jealous and asks whether the plan is working. Shivani says, plan is working. Raghu beated Sameer today out of jealously. Dadi is happy. Shivani says, when I told the truth to Raghu, he was speechless. They laugh. Raghu is going from there. Dadi feels pity on Raghu. She says, he will confess his love when he gets more jealous. She asks Shivani to make him more jealous. Shivani asks Dadi to keep quiet. Raghu thinks, your plan will backfired on you.

Raghu interrupts the scene in between the shoots. He tells the director to make the scene more romantic with flowers showering on the actors. Shivani is surprised. Director says, good idea. Shivani asks Dadi to pinch her. Dadi says, it is happening for real. Shivani says, he is making us closer.

Raghu compliments Shivani’s beauty. Shivani says really. Do Dil Bandhe plays. Flowers showers on them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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