Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bela telling the family that Raghu did not marry Raghu at all, Raghu was just acting to let Shivani marry Karan. Latha asks Sumitra to tell the truth. Sumitra thinks now she has to tell the truth. Sumitra says Bela is telling truth. Latha angrily tries to slap Sumitra, but Bela stops her. Latha says she insulted her culture and her beliefs. Sumitra ask to forgive her. Bela asks Lata to give the dupatta to her as she will keep it safely for Shivani.

Raghu and Shivani reach a hotel. Ragu asks receptionist for a room. Receptionist says per room cost 10000 and 5000 rs. Raghu asks him to show a cheap room. Receptionist scolds Raghu and says when he did not have money, why did he come there. He asks security to kick them out and asks to be in their limits. Shivani gets angry and asks receptionist how can he misbehave with clients. Receptionist says he does not have status to enter his hotel. Shivani says receptionist that even he does not have status to enter some areas and says what will he feel if someone kicks him out. She says she will come back to this hotel with money and will make him fell guilty. She takes Raghu from there.

Maya says Latha that it is not Sumitra’s mistake, she did what Raghu told her. Vivek gets angry and says why did Sumitra hide the truth and helped Raghu. Sumitra apologizes and she did what Raghu told her to do. Latha says she is amused why Raghu told her to tell the lie and asks Sumitra how can she wear sacred magalsutra and sindhoor and asks Sumitra to remove mangalsutra right now. Sumitra hesistantly tries to remove it and says it is stuck. Ginni says she will help her and removes mangalsutra from her neck and says her relationship was fake, so mangalsutra came out easily.

Raghu checks house rental advertisements and calls the numbers. A builder says with Raghu’s budget, he will not get any house and asks him to increase his budget. Shivani thinks Raghu is suffering because of her and hope she would have helped him. She calls her kid friend Munna and speaks to him. She asks him to help her with a house. Her friend takes her and Raghu to his house in a chawl. Raghu and Shivani surprisingly sees the house. Kids joke with Raghu. Raghu says house is small. Munna asks if he will get taj mahal with his money. Shivani says house is good and she will stay there. Raghu says house is not fit for her as it is too dusty. Shivani says she will take care of the dust and clean it and says she is hungry. Kids ask what she wants to eat. Sivani says she wants to eat pizza/burger. Kids ask Shiva to come with them then.

Shivani surprisingly sees at vada pav. Kids says it is mumbai’s burger. Shivanis says heard of it and will like it. Raghu asks Shivani not to eat it as it may not be hygeinic. Shivani eats it and asks Raghu also to try it as it is tasty.

Latha calls Raghu and says she did not expect such a life from him. Raghu says he did it for Shivani. Latha says how can he misuse such a sacred thing like marriage and asks if he has grown such big. Shivani takes phone from Raghu and asks Latha to forgive Ragu as he did it for her sake and did not think of troubling his family. Latha says she knows she would have felt bad for Raghu’s lies and if she has forgiven him, then she will also forgive Raghu.

Sumitra gets angry on Bela and Ginni for taking mangalsutra from her and insulting her in front of everyone. She says she will punish the whole family and will bring them on road.

Precap: Shivani divides the room in two and asks Raghu to sleep on his side.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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