Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 31st July 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 31st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bela picking dirty utensils to wash them. Roopesh takes them from her and says he would have done it long back and should not have listened to his mother and tortured her. He says living in this house, I realized a person is lucky when he has his family with him and says he wants to take care of her and Nishi now. He asks her to come with him to their house and promises he will get back her rights even if he has to go against his mother. Bela hears that and cries emotionally. Latha who hears their conversation says Roopesh is telling truth, girl’s real place is her in-law’s house. Bela says once we get back house from Sumitra, she will go to her in-laws.

Sumitra brings prasad for Clinton/Karan. Karan who is getting ready hides his face under the towel and says he will not see anyone’s face until he recites hanuman chalisa. She says he is christian. He says his father is Gujrati hindu and mother christian and his name is Clinton Mukesh Patel. She asks him to finish his prayers and have prasad. Karan shouts and she asks why he shouted. He says he got thread in his eyes. She tries to help him out forcefully when Raghu comes and stops her. Once she turns towards Raghu, Karan gets ready and shows his face. She asks if he recited prayers so early. He says Americans do everything fast.

Karan gives 50 lakhs cheque to Sumitra. She checks and says it does not have signature. He says it is govt cheque and needs only setnnot give cheque and asks her to sign the property papers. She signs and asks Bela to bring the ancient archeological items from backyard to sell them. Karan says he will buy them without seeing. Sumitra signs and goes to back happily to encash cheque. Karan gives property papers to Latha. Raghu says we should go to registrar’s office soon and they all leave.

Sumitra angrily comes back and asks Clinton how dare he is to give her fake cheque. He says just like she took away house and shows his true identity. She is shocked to see he is karan. Baburam and family come home and say they did what she did to them and says Shivani was behind this plan whom she was trying to kick out of house. Latha says they took their revenge today. Shivani asks Sumitra what will she do now as she sent her parents and Rajesh and she does not have this house. She asks how did they do this. Raghu says they used her plan against her and asks her to remember how she asked them to grow vegetables in the background, they hid some utensils under the ground and took Karan’s help in their plan. Baburam says her greed drown her.

Sumitra angrily tries to strangle Shivani, but Raghu rescues her and says nobody can do anything to Shivani until he is there. Shivani asks her not to think people’s goodness as their weakness. Raghu says he is feeling good for the first time breaking his promise and asks her to pack her bags and leave. Baburam says she cannot go back to her village and any good person will not allow her into his house. He says we have show her some mercy as she showed it to us and says if she has to stay in his house, she has to become a servant.

Sumitra angrily throws knife on Shivani’s pic and says everything happened because of her, she could not marry Raghu because of her and she will have to die. She stabs knife on Shivani’s pic repeatedly.

Precap: Raghu asks Shivani if she will marry him in every life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I am so happy that sumitra got back her medicine and that no matter what in life when you do wrong to someone it always come back at you what goes around always comes around sumitra should learn this lesson

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